Straight by the Sea Active Warrants

All individuals posted here are wanted for RE-PROGRAMMING by Straight by the Sea. A Blue Chair has been reserved on the front row for each person posted on here.


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Devlin R Graves
Anti-Program Activates, Helping in the forced closure of innocent programs.
Shelby Earnshaw
Anti-Program Activates, Legally Kidnapping children from programs.
Oscar Stilley
Filing Frivolous Lawsuits against innocent programs,  forcing them close.
Ginger Warbis
Spreading anti-program propaganda, Anti-Program Actives
Un-Attended or Un-Ruly Children
any age accepted Un-Attended by an Adult or Un-Ruly towards authority.

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Congressman George Miller (D)
Requesting a federal GOV investigation of WWASP,  Speaking out against programs that saves kids.

Chris Harmon AKA "Nilinanthic"
Anti-Program Activates, Speaking out against programs to seduce girls into sleeping with him.


0 arrests from this page since 04/23/2005


We will attempt to keep this information as up to date and accurate as possible.  If you recognize an individual on here please detain them, and immediately contact Straight Inc. by the Sea to arrange pick-up and to claim your reward. If your photo is displayed here contact us so we can send the Straight- Mobile to immediately pick you up so you can begin your new drug free life at Straight Inc. by the Sea.


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