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Title: The Happy Hunting Grounds
Post by: ajax13 on October 10, 2018, 08:55:39 PM
I recently happened to chat with a former peer counselor about her time in All About Receiving Cash.  The subject of sex killer and twice-over AARC stalwart Andrew Evans came up.  Apparently on his initial stay as a client in AARC, Evans revealed his penchant for driving around with a rape kit, ie: restraints, while looking for female victims to entertain with his particular charms.  This brought to mind a conversatin I had with a former client at the time Evans was caught after murdering and nearly decapitating Nicole Parisien.  This person mentioned that Evans had likewise revealed in AARC that he enjoyed stalking women in Southwest Calgary, following them unobserved.  Despite the revelations that Evans was essentially a serial-killer in training, AARC undertook to give him a staff position.  A position he held around the time Rachel O'Neil was attacked in AARC.  Whatever can it all mean, in the context of AARC's lawsuits?