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Quote from: "jaredsmom"
I'm not sure when the Camerons ran the place, but the Barretts took control in the early 80's.  When Roloff died, the Camerons took his place, so the Barretts moved up to dorm parents.
Repressed memories are a common occurrence.  I have a keen memory and I always think I remember everything.  Imagine my surprise when someone would mention something and I had absolutely no recollection of it happening.  It freaked me out!  Still, I do remember a lot of what happened.  Some people were abused, some weren't.  Your attitude, ability to follow rules, popularity, etc. would determine the experience you had in there.  If someone was disliked either by staff or the other girls, they were toast.
Your gonna go thru that, and its not un-common,find a way to cope..and thank god.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Medical links between abuse and health
« on: February 07, 2011, 02:33:54 AM »
I do not expect to be sixty. :nods:

Web forum hosting / Re: complaints dept. (OFFA)
« on: February 07, 2011, 02:31:23 AM »
Did anybody bother to think the gatekeeper might, yes, just might ,have a job, it might even be a DEMANDING job,y'know one of those,odd hours,40 plus jobs,hell i,dont know either,give the cat a break,he's a volunteer,more or less......for fucks sake already.. and again, he aint the only x staffmember on fornits.....jeez.

Yep,another blind fool,who could seriously benefit from a library card.

Let's talk about the weather... / Re: Israel and the weather -
« on: February 07, 2011, 01:51:28 AM »
I gotta call horseshit here, Isreal has gotten way,way too much out of this country,we histoically,given inflationary conditions,have given isreal more aid than any other country. we literally give between 6 and 8 million dollars a day to them,and why? what do we REALLY get? an ally in the middle east?PFFFT... like the saudi's,or egypt......who needs it? we(meaning the us , would be better off out of bed with the isreali government( till they wize up) the UN(permanantly,unless you want a one world government.) and that fuckin nafta, as usual "the system" serves itself,and coursly neglects the souls who really make it up. Dont be blinded.

Let's talk about the weather... / Re: Israel and the weather -
« on: February 07, 2011, 01:38:30 AM »
So if this wheather phenomana happend, because of .......? then what ...Katrina happened because?.............. Hey you made the case....back it up...... dont tell me  the hatian earthquake happened because the country is catholic(ish) Odds are you  never lived there,and much like the WHO, your opinion is un -qualifeid.

Let's talk about the weather... / Re: Israel and the weather -
« on: February 07, 2011, 01:32:58 AM »
I dunno,the zionist,nasionalist govern ment of isreal is ,bombing,rocketing,and bulldosing peoples homes,denying the non-jewish neighbors of simple lively hood,and walling them off like the nazi's treated them. now if this is YOUR gods Idea of JUstice. I want no part of any of it. and it pisses me off to no end that the us is in bed with it. please tell me, chapter and verse ,where it says in the bible,old book or new, where its ok to do that.What do you know about the kebra negast? or the book of thomas, or the book of mary for that matter? wise up. my priest was an idiot,so is your preacher, they have adgendas.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Independent Study Shows Success.
« on: February 07, 2011, 01:18:05 AM »
Love me, hate me ,or maybe see the truth I speak...... I dont care. If  my program couldnt shut me up, your best bet is a big(178grain or up) bullet between the eyes. This shit needs to end(not fornits,the Idea that fuckers can keep doing this shit to kids) If I gotta do whatever,then try me.seriously ,charge me and lets see where it goes. cunts.I got big balls and not much to loose thse days.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Independent Study Shows Success.
« on: February 07, 2011, 01:10:44 AM »
this thread needs to be put down, in  the same spirit as an old, sickly dog needs put down, it doesnt take some phd to see what is what here, what is that welldeservrd success? "rioting" and a pussy riot it was, what ? pissing off the facility's adjoining comunity? how is this bullshit success? Sorry I dont say this often, but this thread has provrd its point,and thusly, imho, out lived its purpose.(like nobody saw this coming) think twice,act once. The who is done here. next........

Tacitus' Realm / Re: IM proud of Obama
« on: February 05, 2011, 06:07:39 AM »
TESTIFY!........ :nods:

  But if Biden didnt talk so much..........He wouldnt sound so dumb, I mean who doues he think he is,j.Dansforth Quale? AL Gore?   or just the dubya? Fuck me. :nods:

What can I do about getting some of the 6 to 8 million dollars back that my brain dead government gives your country every day? Why are the zionists in your country so reminiscint of nazis? and mostly why do the non zionist isrealis tolerate such horse shit? Inquiring minds want to know. :timeout:

Elan School / Re: Something weird happened while discussing a topic on FB.
« on: February 05, 2011, 04:42:30 AM »
DONT BE HATIN ON THE FELICE.   I kind a miss her, at least she didnt sound like some Goddamn parrot. :nods:

Feed Your Head / Re: Aaron Bacon story
« on: February 05, 2011, 04:27:35 AM »
Testify............ :nods:

Well that, and they wont EVER tell you that your president,is a douche. Dont matter who, or which party either.Or which decade. Color,religion, all same/same at that level.

In real life,I wishI was a fly on the wall. On the other hand I wonder if what i think this whole thing is.Might be the same thing they suspected. But Ive been called aparaniod lunatic in and out of the press before.While it would be interesting to know(and Id love too) it is only vital that those of us that love freedom,truly love the concept of america being a free,democratic republic,with god given things like freedom of choice,keep pushing it.I give the caveat,watch your neighbors,cause they'll rat your ass out. seriously.Just refuse to QUIT. Do what you gotta do,just dont to change shit.

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