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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / How am I a Hypocrit?
« on: November 06, 2005, 12:26:00 PM »
Lately, in alot of posts, I keep being referred to as a hypocrit.  To be a hipocrit is to go against one's oath or beliefs.  I just don't get it at all.  Is it because I don't get wasted and attend "protests" and other events that I could not get time off for?  For one thing, I can't get wasted and be a part of something.  I have to take medication JUST TO PASS AS ONE OF YOU PEOPLE.
In order for me to get wasted or high, I would have to stay off the meds for several days so I could fully appreciate the potency of the 'buds' and then smoke up a bunch and then you know what?  I would probably pass for normal, but extremely funny, so what would that accomplish besides making those in attendance laugh so hard that they piss themselves?

I just might attend the Miller Newton thing, but only to show support for the folks that had to endure his durision.  Luckily, I did not.  I was well out the door when he came along.  I saw him on the way in so to speak.  He was a con artist scum-bag with a dumpy, stupid wife and he drove a peice of shit Chevrolet Caprice station wagon, and the wife drove a Chrysler LeBaron.  Within 3 months, he had taken over, caused a huge rift with Sarasota, and doubled the programs fees.

Hey wait a minute!!!!  That's why everyone hates me!  Now only the kind of clients I detested the most could get into the program.  Messed up middle lower class punks like me could'nt get through the front door anymore.  If a teen came from a poor family, forget it!  Only White Breads need apply!!!  

Well guess what boys and girls?  THIS WAS ALL THE DOING OF MILLER NEWTON, not me.  So please, pretty please with Xanax on top, someone tell me how this makes me a hypocrit?

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / What now?
« on: October 29, 2005, 03:54:00 PM »
The drive to see her was a hell of alot faster than I thought it would be. She was surprised as hell to see me to say the least. I took about 12 minutes out of her work day, gave her some long overdue gifts, caught up on things, etc. It was hard to believe that this petite quiet woman used to hold me in awe everytime she climbed up on the stool and started a rap.

We discussed throwing a reunion of the Tampa Bay area folks, and both agreed that it should be on nuetral ground with no hang ups. I could not help but be amazed at the simplicity and grace of our little meeting. It had been put off by me out of fear, doubt, etc, for over two years. In the end it was like we were still a couple of teens on a smoke break at work.

It's funny how we were too busy being happy to see each other to make fun of other people, or talk about having T.B.P.I.T.W. or any other such nonsense. The reunion is a very do-able thing. It probably could be pulled off in less than a weeks worth of set-up. The question is, would it be worth it? There is a definate need for feedback on this. I can be reached by e-mailing or thru private message, or if you are a complete moron, you can say stuff openly in the forum, so that I will know not to take you seriously.

This whole 'my dick is bigger, my program was worse than yours' horseshit has got to stop. All this infighting makes us really look like assholes to the outside world. My mom logged on and could'nt get past more than 4 or 5 posts before she gave up trying to find something good to read.[ This Message was edited by: 85 Day Jerk on 2005-10-29 13:13 ]

Straight Inc. had only been in existance for a year and a half when I went in.  It was at it's peak down here in St. Pete.  We were housed in a warehouse that seated as many as 2000 if need be.  The program started out with kids in group actually having needle marks and lung damage from huffing chemicals and what not.  These were the hard core cases who really WOULD wind up dead-insane-or-in jail.  It was during the winter of 1977 when the founders got together to go over taxes and such that they discovered just how much profit was being generated.

One of the founders owned a radio/television station.  His name was Rahall.  There was a falling out between him and Mel Sembler and he withdrew support and the use of his warehouse.  What did Straight do?  Sembler got one of his cronies to let him use the Milton Roy Corporation warehouse off of Park Street in the outskirts of St. Pete near Boca Ciega Bay.

With all that room, there was tremendous incentive to fill it with warm teen aged bodies and that is what they did.  There was a "recruitment team" that passed out flyers and brocures to parents that worked the high end defense industries and white collar businesses.  St. Pete Police Chief Mack Vines was a frequent visitor to parent meetings and would show the most gory, bloody and horiffic scenes to scare the living shit out of these parents.  Many parents bought it hook line and sinker and it was'nt long before their kids were on front row.

As to whether or not they deserved it, the people I seen in my first days there did.  They were upper crust white bread punks that had gone their whole lives without a serious ass whooping.  They had no values, no goals and no directions.  Most went to private schools.  Quite a few were from Tampa, and these "darlings" would fuck you over in a heartbeat if you let them.  When I entered the program, there were only 27 rules.  No shit, just 27 rules, and most of us could name all of them in one sitting.  Because staff did not have enough brains to deal with things on an individual basis, everytime somebody fucked up, we were presented with yet another rule. By the time I 'stepped,' they were up to 47 rules.

You as a reader really need to read my posts entitled "Tampa Screw-Up" to really get a good idea what went on and why I feel that most that were there deserved to be there.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / April Fools
« on: April 01, 2005, 03:18:00 PM »
Greetings from Sunny Downtown St. Petersburg FLorida.   Today was the first day of qualifying rounds for the Honda Grand Prix of St. Pete.  Them boys went all out this year.  They even had some F-15 fighter jets doing some flyovers for a Mountain Dew commercial or some shit.  They were noisy as hell!!  I got the bright idea to call my landlord from my cell phone.  Ring* Ring*  Hello?
"Holy shit man, (RRRRROOOOAAAARRRR,  WWWHHHOOOOSH) we are under fucking attack Dennis!!"  Terrorists infiltrated McDill Airforce Base!  Turn on your TV, quick!!!!  I had him stiffing and fetching and about to piss his pants for about 30 seconds before he realized it was April Fools Day.
Actually the real joke will come in a few days as I am moving out of his hell hole and into a much more well run building.  I don't think that he has a clue.  The building that I live in pretty much sucks because the people are lower class, and do not share basic human values.  Alot of the anger and hatred spilled out in my old posts Entitled "Tales of the Dark Side."  I went to my truck Tuesday and there was a damn 3/4 inch machine screw driven into the Sidewall.  It ruined the damn tire, and to make it worse, Firestone discontinued the line, so now I have a goddamn Yokahama miss-match on the rear thanks to the Boogies.  I kept real quiet about it so as not to give them the satisfaction of a reaction, but I did park my truck under my window and I put a video camera on a small tripod pointing out of my window that has given them something to think about.  The wannabee drug dealer on the bottom corner has moved a crib up against his window I guess to discourage drive bys or something. (the baby sleeps in the other room)  At least I got them running scared for once.  I am just glad to be getting out.  Living in Hell is also one of the reasons I did not get back online, I had to save up money to cover the expenses of moving.  

See ya later,  85 DJ

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Just Another Day at Star Booty
« on: February 27, 2005, 11:36:00 AM »
I had the day off Friday, so I was cruising around, looking for a new apartment to rent.  I found a way better apartment just one block over where I will not have a pissed off cab driver quietly pulling back the screen in his 2nd floor window and popping off a couple of rounds at the asshole red-neck's dogs next door.  These damn dogs bark at anything that moves all night long.  After a year, I have gotten used to it, but I am sure my new neighbor seriously regrets his recent move to hell.

I think I will take the apartment.  The landlord looks like the typical plainclothes detective nearing retirement in all those cheezy cop movies.
As a matter of fact, when I am done here at the library, I am gonna call him to give him a deposit check.  

Now onto Star Booty.  It is a clothing store in  Downtown St. Pete that a long time friend runs.  She was on her Apple and came across my name on MY   Morli had signed me up onto an account and Mimi thought that I had made it all up.  She's like, "You don't know any chicks with pink hair, you're to straight up for that."  Once she got into it a little further she was genuinely impressed.  I messed around on her Apple and filled out the account better with a picture and stuff and put in some bizarre comments.  It was getting close to closing time so I bought a demented refrigerator magnet and almost left before remembering to see if they needed any bumper stickers.  Mimi shook her head and said, "I think the message got lost somewhere along the way."  It's mostly kids that get them now and they just think it's funny to put them on stranger's cars.  It was a big let-down, but that's what it has come down to.  Maybe it's just the time of year or something.  Let's hope so.
See ya all later........ :wave:

Over the years on this particular forum there is one nagging reality that never gets properly addressed because none of us has the craziness or lacks the courage to address it.

Our parents were lied to, they were ripped off emotionally and financially and THEY ARE TOO GODDAMNED EMBARRASSED TO STEP FORWARD!!!!!!!

My perspective is this......... Why not become our own parents?  We are no longer kids, we are adults.  No one wants to hear what happened to a teenage cutie when they are looking at a wrecked adult approaching middle age all red eyed and puffy.  The imagination of the average human can only conjure up so much before it shuts itself down out of self-preservation.

Okay here is the BIG PICTURE -  We need to put on a short and sweet open loop play.  It has to go on continuously like a closed loop video display.  I volunteer to play the role of Mack Vines, the former chief of Police of the City of St. Pete who had access to grizzly slide shows of drug induced auto accidents, drug deal gone bad crime scene photos and other shit that was used to scare the hell out of adults in the Tampa Bay Area.  Hey, guess what most of us are right now?  Thats right!!! We are now our own parents.  This play does not have to be some pulitzer prize crap, just has to be real.  We need some folks to simply act as gullible parents to my "Snake-Oil Sales Pitch" and we can show people how it was done and press home the fact that the monies raised all those years ago did not help stop drug abuse AT ALL, but merely lined the pockets of these self important pompous ass holes. I honestly think that we can pull this off.  All it will take is a little ad lib, simple props, and alot of guts.  LETS DO IT.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Lets Get Small........
« on: December 11, 2004, 09:45:00 PM »
I remember an old Steve Martin routine called "Let's Get Small," where he replaced the word stoned with the word small.  Well, sad to say, I am not gonna do that or even try to be funny.  I just needed a title for what I feel like writing about right now.  I think in the end we will all feel a little smaller, and if all goes well, just a little bit uncomfortable.

I have been a member of this forum for 3 years or so and there has only been ONE instance that I know of that a PARENT actually came onto the board and expressed themselves.  Their handle was Snow White I believe.  She expressed deep regret at the harmful effects that the program had placed on her son, got some advice and then moved on.  I bet she sleeps pretty damn good too.

How about your parents?  Do you even talk to them, or is it more like you see them mostly during the holidays out of some perverse sense of "owing" it to them, or to give off the impression of being a 'good normal family.'  One in which it was 'okay' to house the rebelious teens in a warehouse until they "got with the program, cut their hair, brought them grades up and made a parent proud?"  

"Golly Gee Willikers Mom, this is the best stuffing ever!"  "Hey dad!,I can't believe you actually bought a Segway,"  "The Jone's don't stand a chance against you!"  And we all kick back our heads like giant Pez dispensers and laugh, and laugh.  Then, through the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the alarm clock rings and pulls me abruptly out of the nightmare.

In the real world, my step-mom would probably say something stupid to set me off and try to disguise it as "simple curiousity," and would be sitting there gurgling like a fish because she has a face full of butternut squash and dad is at the head of the table practicing his Thousand Yard Stare while I do a much better re-make of the Animal House Cafeteria Food Fight.

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but my family is pretty much in denial of the whole issue of Straight.  I sent my dad a post card and sent one to the older sister as well.  With my sis, I left her my e-mail, but hav'nt heard nothing yet.  I don't call them, because the sound of their voice makes me wanna pound beers like I'm a college pledge during Rush Week.  I have seen alot of folks throwing their two cents around about Documentaries, Film Projects, Court Cases, Morgan Colling and Gilbert and lastly Montel Williams.  After all that is said and done, I just got one thing to ask.........  What about Mom & Dad?  Do you trundle over to their house for that primo Michelob and Heineken?  All that free food, and fancy appetisers?  How much alcohol does it take to drown your pride and douse the fire where your self respect once burned bright?  

I would LOVE to see double postings of parent to Survivor, just for the sheer trippiness of it.  Holy Dogshit! imagine Animal's parent coming in here, or our dear Powerful Attitudes mommy come in and scold him for his twisted sexual ineundo's,
and for the grand prize, maybe a few parents actually OUTING some of these loftly ANONYMOUS posters, maybe dredging up some funny shit like the time they caught them burning themselves with a soldering iron so they could get out of group with "Chicken Pox."

Hey, the sky's the limit, but the buck stops here when it comes to family gatherings.  Oh you'll hear them say, "Because it's Christmas,"  Does this mean I can come up to the house at 90MPH and smash the livin shit out of every relatives car and yell, "Because it's NASCAR!!!!!????"  I better stop, now because there is just no stopping how much I hate the holidays.  Please don't feel bad for me, feel happy, because this really is therapuedic,  (trust me it is....)
Merry Christmas, Bob in St. Pete

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Get Ready To Set The VCR or TIVO
« on: December 10, 2004, 05:05:00 AM »
I received a memo from the Senior Associate Producer of a talk show that features a slim and articulate black man. The website is and is pretty informative.  It even has little trailers for each upcoming show.  The woman did not disclose the airdate of the show, just that the first one had been taped, and that they want to do a follow up show.  This is a done deal as far as taping goes.  Our story HAS been told and HAS been taped.  All any of us can do now is monitor his site for upcoming shows, or e-mail his staff to see when it will air.  Sadly, I was not asked to be a part of the first taping, but hopefully, the information I sent will help set the stage for the second taping which they definately want to follow through with.  Take it easy and Happy Holidaze to all.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Apologies in Order
« on: November 28, 2004, 11:17:00 PM »
Okay, so maybe I was a little let down, I have since deleted the inflammatory stuff and we'll just let bygones be bygones. Nobody is perfect, so I will just wait and see if the forces that be get ahold of me to see what can be done to rectify the situation. I am even willing to create my own footage that Mr. Luke can use to enhance his own undertakings.

My point is this, we can't bring these people to trial, that has been met with defeat and resistance. What we can do is simply SPEND our own talents and efforts to create a cohesive and telling presentation of what we all went through. This is America, and if we can present our teenage angst and agonies at the hands of the evil minions behind Straight Incorporated, it may even prove ENTERTAINING to the masses. This country is just sick enough to sit down every say, Tuesday night, and watch another fun filled episode of STRAIGHT INDEED, or what ever other title can be made of a fun filled show depicting the brainwashing and power-mad struggle to control the youth of our country through the Seventies and Eighties. I think it is high time that we get through wringing out our tear filled hankies and make some serious MONEY off of our suffering over the years.

[ This Message was edited by: 85 Day Jerk on 2004-11-28 20:19 ]

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Blog-lodites and Cavemen
« on: November 27, 2004, 06:38:00 PM »
Hi everyone, I just got done messing around creating a website/blog thing.  If I can figure out how to put that all-time favorite song from summer camp days called "Troglydytes and Cavemen" as background music I surely will do it.

I can't believe how long it took and how little there is, but I guess it will be easier to add crap to it now that it is up and running.  Feel free to visit anytime.  The address is  

hope thanksgiving was good for everyone.  85DJ

First of all, I don't know what the hell a Blog is.  It sounds like a huge chunk of that welfare baloney they have on sale at Winn Dixie.  Secondly, if it don't come on a pre made CD-rom disc I am screwed.

I am pretty sure that Verizon gave me some bandwith to do crap on, but without instructions I have no idea what I am doing.  I usually go online during the 6 to 7:30 pm newshour and can be reached thru Yahoo Messenger.  I will do this blog shit once I know how, but I personally dont have the energy to teach myself all this egghead computer stuff.  My Yahoo Messenger name is or just plain chongo_spfl so you can send me instructional crap to get started on.  Right now I am cleaning out my file boxes and stuff so I will leave the pc on in hopes there is intelligent life out there that can walk me through this Blog stuff.

For those who have enjoyed my writing over the years, you are welcome.  I have always treasured being able to come in here and vent, and it is therapeudic for me in alot of ways.  If other survivors don't get anything from these boards, you are either trying to hard, or covering up.  We all went through the same experience, yet it all depended on the almighty dollar just how your program went.  We were all just a bunch of insects trapped in a hive.  Some were made Soldiers, while most remained Workers.  Some were made Queen while others became Mutant.  An unfortunate few were favored by staff and became Killers in order to perpetuate the cycle of abuse.  These traits were instilled in us and a brave few have struggled to regain their humanity through Counseling and Therapy and Understanding, while the tortured souls of the rest retain the mindset of the insects we all once were and fly in and out of here like a wasp trapped inside a kindergarten classroom, stinging the fuck out of anything that crosses their path.  See, if I knew this Blog crap I could include music and graphics.  If it can be done on a pc, let's rock!
I have a 533Mhz with 256Ram hooked up to limited drain DSL service that made it unscathed through 4 major hurricanes.  I don't have any problems with service.  I am completely in the dark so someone turn the damn light on please!!!

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Requiem for a Shitty Day
« on: October 13, 2004, 06:28:00 PM »
I was sitting at home feeling bad on an overcast day, just feeling useless with no direction.  Ya know, first phase in a nutshell.  I decided to mess around on a German link that had some cool stuff the first time I found it and 'lo and behold there is a God after all.  Enjoy this gem from the early eighties that rose from the ashes of Pink Floyd the Wall.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Traffic Wars Episode 4: A NEW HOPE
« on: October 12, 2004, 11:00:00 PM »
I had been working in a paintball warehouse re-packaging paintballs from one manufacturer into the "New and Improved" boxes of the rival company that bought them out.  It was a purely 'american way' company move that paid me nine dollars an hour through a long time temp agency that I am with.  The first two guys I was teamed up with were classic.  The first guy did'nt even last 20 minutes.  He looked like the kind of guy that was used to giving orders, not taking them.  He was probably a laid off Defense Contract worker.  His replacement lasted one day and then called in saying he had 'hurt his arm.'  A few days later, the service called me at home and asked if I had any complaints.  I told them straight up, the bullshit that was going on and the next thing I know is that two new workers show up the next day, and then we are told that the paint-ball guys are dropping MY temp service in favor of another.  

That sort of thing is highly irregular to say the least.  The pace of the job kept getting faster and faster, yet they would not pay us overtime to come in on Saturday even though several of us were willing.  It all started to be alot like bullshit to me, so guess what kids?  That's right!!, I started acting like a fucking jerk!!  I started coming up with the most distracting jokes and conversation on purpose in an effort to slow down production.  I had found out that on a day that I had missed, they had only done 6 goddamn pallets, yet once I came back, we had 5 and a half done by lunch.  That would not have been so bad, but now I had the boss guy all on my ass and shit telling me to stop talking.  I just  about swung on the motherfucker, but decided to keep my cool.  This treatment smacked so much of "Program" that I was about to vomit.  One of the company guys let on that something bad was about to happen.  He kept muttering about we were all about to get screwed and to look out at out last break.  When we got back to work, I started pouring on the jazz a little hotter and this guy actually started STABBING the paintball boxes instead of opening them.  I was like Day-um!  When I got to the temp agency that afternoon to pick up my check, they said that I was "Let Go."  I can't begin to tell you all just how much that broke my fucking heart.

I needed the next week off anyway, because my doctor has put me on some new shit called Seraquel.  Holy shit Batman!  I think she's on to something finally.  The first dose knocked my ass out for 18 hours, then I started getting used to it.  The most wonderful side effect of it is that I feel more confident and it has really dampened my desire to drink alcholic beverages.  Therein lies the title of Traffic Wars...........

For years the traffic in the greater Tampa Bay Area has really, really sucked big-time.  As a temp employee, I would turn down good jobs simply because the ride to and from work was such a hell hole pile of shit due to the distance and traffic that I would encounter.  It has gotten so bad that traffic slows to 30mph on the interstate in some parts of Tampa and is now ACCEPTED as a part of life down here.  People now skirt school zones and rip ass down neighborhood streets in an effort to get to work on time.  

All said and done, I have accepted a new assignment in Tampa.  It starts at 5am, so going in, the traffic should be blessedly light.  I will be working at a defense plant doing God knows what for the grand sum of 7.50 an hour with the promise of overtime.  I just hope the stuff I work on does not end up killing any innocent Iraqi folks.  Most likely, it will just be to fill some bullshit Bush Agenda order and will wind up blowing up decoys at a training facility once Kerry is in office if all goes well.  

For those reading this, you may wonder, what has all this got to do with Straight?  Well, if it were'nt for Straight, I would still be exploiting myself at the asshole Paintball Warehouse giving a bunch of undeserving assholes the benefit of my superior Manic productivity, instead of pissing them off enough to let me go.  As for the money, it is all the same in the long run, because it is MY efforts therefore My money, and MY goddamn self worth that makes it all worth doing.  At the end of the day, once I get home it is my face I see in the bathroom mirror before I wash off an Honest days sweat, and that is what we all have to live with and live for in the grand scheme of things.  Thank you for your time.......yours truly 85DJ. :rofl:  :rofl:

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / "Bohemian Rhapsody Revisited"
« on: September 25, 2004, 08:12:00 PM »
After getting second phase, after 98 days, I thought for sure that I was going home to my mom and sisters in Largo.  Going home and making things right was all I was working for.  I never once entertained the thought of living with my dad and my asshole stepbrothers.  As far as I was concerned they were just extended family.  

Executive Staff had other ideas.  They were purposely cooking up a way to drive my mother out of the program for good.  My mom did not have enough money to pay for my program, and quite frankly was too stupid for the Cult to use for promotional purposes like they did with Wanda Minton's mom and countless others.  

Being torn away from my home and normal surroundings was psychologically devastating for me to say the least.  The stress and inner turmoil was far worse than even what I encountered in Basic/AIT tank training years later when I went into the Army.

For all intensive purposes I began to go insane and it would come to the surface in the raps.  Because I was only on 2nd phase, mostly just 1st and 2nd phasers were ever witness to it.  This is perhaps the one period of my program that my memories turn to swiss cheese.  I seem to recall that I threw a chair at Dave Searcy when he was just a 5th phaser, and started screaming and yelling about how the program was bullshit because if anyone blamed their childhood or adults in their life for the reason they did things and not the almighty DRUGGIE LIFESTYLE then they would get shot down as quickly as possible.  I think that I started yelling about how the program was full of shit and just where in the hell was all the money going?  It sure as hell was'nt in our delicious lunches, comfortable chairs, and luxurious air conditioning.  I was led to the Think Room and they were damn careful on who they chose to take me there.  I think it was Mike Brunette and Mark Bell.  Had it been some asshole like Doug Hemminger or Mike Teague, I would probably still be sitting in prison or in Chattahootchee.

After I cooled off and they brought me my lunch, I was led back to group for the 2pm rap.  This is when my fucking mind finally snapped completely.  I think the rap leaders were both just Staff Trainees because they just let me go on and on. I think the rap was led by Chris Burns (looked like cheap trick) and Marnie Sykes or some other blonde girl.  Anyway, Chris stands me up and made the god awful mistake of asking me how I was feeling.  

"Is this the real life?"  "Is this just fantasy, caught in a landslide no escape from reality."
"Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.......I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy."  EVEN THOUGH IT IS A FUCKIN RULE YOU ASSHOLES!  "Because I'm easy come easy go, little high, little low."  THAT'S RIGHT, I'M HIGH RIGHT NOW.  I DRANK 4 CUPS OF MY DAD'S STRONG ASS COFFEE THIS MORNING AND NOBODY EVEN NOTICED!!!  "Any where the wind blows does'nt really matter to me....
and this just went on and on and on for like the next 10 minutes.  Why I was not led back to the think room is beyond me.  They just let me keep going.........sort of like when they filmed that South Vietnamese general shooting that prisoner in the side of the head in broad daylight.  Mrs. Pete did come out into group later, and for the first time in my program, I was scared shitless of her.  I did not want to wind up in the nut house so I cooled it as best I could.  I really was going crazy and these fuckers actually entrusted me with the care of not one, but two newcomers and Mr. D you was living at Patterson Horizons when all this went down.  You had the air mattress that ran along side the bunk beds.
Mark Bell was there too and it was a few nights later when me and him had that arguement and I opened the front door in the pouring rain and told him if he did'nt like the living conditions to hit the fucking road cuz this was'nt the Holiday Inn or some shit.  No start over, no refresher, no nothing.  Only a crazy person would have done something like that right?  So if I did'nt get punished, I must not have been crazy right?

Thank God I finally recieved therapy in my late 30's.  The first session dealt with an incident involving my first week at home on 2nd phase when I was tricked into being locked in the room with one very pissed off newcomer from Georgia.  My dumbass stepbrother Mike had worked him into a lather, and once the situation was out of control, he ran out the door to call staff like a little pussy.  He left me to deal with it.  The EMDR I was doing used sound as the catalyst.  I wound up breaking the armrest off the damn chair.
It was pretty intense.  I had always remembered this particular "Bohemian" incident, but it was so obscure I just never bothered mentioning it until now.  With any luck, more and more clients from what I refer to as the Boom Years will come on to the board and things will become more local.
As I mentioned in earlier posts, those of us living so close to 'ground zero' have had to grow much thicker skin as the other clients what with Mel Sembler and Mrs. Pete still living here and everything.  Oh well that's enough for now, hope I did'nt bore anyone to drugs.

The year was 1988, almost 10 years out of Straight, and my damn mind was collapsing all around me.  I had done gone through a world of shit, mostly by my own hand, my family did not know how to deal with me anymore.  

I had complely gone off the deep end of the pool of reality and was now in an observation ward of Pinellas Emergency Mental Health Services.  I had gone without sleep for 5 days and my mind was begining to crumble.  There was a large glass window at the face of my room and I can swear that I saw the faces of two former clients of Straight looking in on me.  One of the faces looked like Marie Ward who had been a former staff member, and the other looked like 'Norm'.  I did not know what to make of this.  I seem to remember 'Norm' coming into the room and trying to say something comforting to me, but all I could remember was my spouting off at some money owed to me from some asshole roomates that were freinds of his that had owed me some money.      

This must have hurt this person severely, by such a statement, because I never heard from this person since.  That guy was there on his own behalf, one of the only "Post Straight" people to ever give a damn about me and I blew him off, in a state of drug induced dementia.  

By the way, Marie Ward is now Marie Sterling and owns several apartment buildings.

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