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through that link you will be taken to a msnbc news page on a program for history that lets children, young children, "live" slavery, basicly they become slaves... This is really really sick... For some reson it reminds me of a justified WWASP, it seems like this will cause more tramma to more children.

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Well the question is in the subject, answer with what you know, have there ever been any assassination attempts?

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This is being added later to explane sence I dont sound like a jack ass, these people have hurt alot of kids, and it makes sence for kids to be upset, so, has any kid ever tired to attack one of them and have justice? I mean, considering the repuation (which we are led to believe) These kids should be able to kill people with their hands or whatever tools they have, has any one snaped and assulted some one? Hell im in boy scouts and my Scout master taught me how to kill some one with a sharpened peice of rubber.[ This Message was edited by: OverLordd on 2005-06-20 12:58 ]

Ok, those that bend over and take it from WWASP is the topic of this talk. You know the people, there are some on the forum defending this cult of a program, but here is the question... why, and how.

These kids, once they break, are brain washed into the cult, that is what I see, what I have experianced with people that I meet and people that come back from these schools. do they tell these kids to go off and defend the school? If so they are not preping them very well to do so. do they tell these kids to give a glowing story about how they were going to hell and they were turned around? Are there consiquences in the life contract, (Which  by the way is not legally binding in any way shape or form) if they don't defend the school? Why in the world are the students not alowed to come within 100 miles of the school without consent once they graduate.

Its these questions and many more. Are WWASPies ghosting (the term for reading yet not posting) in this forum as I write this? Does what we have to say have any effect? Does any know of a kid that was "unbroken" and returned to normal after being brain washed? All these questions and more come to mind, remember, if we are to take down the enemy, we have to know what they think and how they act once they get out. My friend wont say a word about anything bad about her school, I managed to get afew things from her, but then she clamed up, and she gets upset whenever I ask her about it, or want her to talk to some one about it, this is what I mean when I say "broken"

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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Help for the new guy
« on: June 09, 2005, 09:34:00 AM »
Ok, I have been trying to wrap my head around this forum and everything in it, well exept the topic on how to mainline smack and free base blow, but I have become increasingly frustrated, because there is so much data to understand and learn about, considering all I know is how much I hate CSA. Continuing on, I have come up with a list of names, places, things, and other stuff I need definitions on if I am to work well within this forum.So please, give any information you can on this list so I can understand and move with you guys. We begin with.

1.Straight, Inc. -
2.Who am I discovery/Whitmore -
3.Thayer Learning Center -
4.Seed program -
5.CEDU -
6.LightHouse of northwest flordia -
7.SAFE, Inc. -
(text removed)
9.AARC -

Ok this is what I need to know, the things I dont understand. I think my mind is getting around it. There are diffrent programs like Seed, Straight, SAFE and what not what have you, and each has diffrent schools that proscribe to one program or another CSA, Whitmore, CEDU, things such as this, I think CEDU is a school anyway. And all these schools are a part of WWASP. In WWASP is wide spread, if not not instituionalized abuse and neglect. Am I right along those lines? Well please, any info some one could give would be great, because I want to learn about this, then I want to do somthing about it. My friend was hurt, and I will see no one else hurt on my watch.

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Well, I just found this forum off of Google, and I surfed around it a bit. I liked what I saw. I girl friend, who I will not name without her permission, was forced into a program for a school called Carolina Springs Academy. This is post is not so much about what she went through, though I?m sure it was terrible, but it is about the people left behind, and of course telling about how she survived and our relationship survived. I found out she was gone as I called her house on my way home from a Cross Country run. I called to tell her I got a personal best, and I was greeted with. "(Name) Is not here right now, she will not be here for a while. " I could not hear much else of what she said because of the bus, but when I called back to find out what was going on, I learned she had been sent away to this school. I was horrified her parents would hate her this much to send her away. I knew her parents (mostly her mom, but her dad never stood up for her) were mean, but I never thought they would go this far. Apparently they had gotten her there by telling her they were going to the doctor, lying my friends, to their own daughter! She was held against her will, this is kidnapping people, it?s terrible, and how are we to deal with this? How are we to fight back, because I would like to lead the charge.
My first contact with her was months after she had been sent away, a letter was sent to me, with her hand writing and I almost cried, ok, well I did, but that?s not the point. They point was that it had already been opened and resealed twice! The people at CSA had read it, and her parents. Apparently the 9th amendment only applies when people want it to. So I was pissed off both my civil rights, and hers were violated. I did some research about the school and realized it had been under federal investigation for child abuse. And I also learned that there was emotional and mental abusing going on.
At this point I was becoming physically sick, I could not eat, sleep, do anything, I was so worried for her safety. I got letters every few weeks until I was called by her mother and told that I could only send little notes now, not even a full letter. I became very, very angry at this. Of course I tried to contact the school, but I was completely ignored, apparently these people have no respect for others, recently she came home, and I?m sorry to say they broke her. She was happy a lot, but she had mood wings for days at a time, something that had not happened before, and she would tell me very little of what they did, you know, a mile wide and a inch deep kind of things. She no longer debated things with me, this was one of the things I loved about our relationship, we could fight, debate, and argue and still have fun, now she simply, does not want to. I was told they called her names, kept her awake, and all the types of things we do to break terrorists, imagine, borderline cruelty here. I am very enraged at this school, and I will have them face the consequences of what they have done to my friend, and so many others.
I respect any and all that got through such a thing, and I support you in all you do. Your bravery in the face of harassment and abuse is most impressive. While I have never gone through any abuse, I have known and supported many friends that have. To the survivors, may they do well. And to those left behind, may they heal, I sure have not.

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