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Mission Mountain School / Let's spell it out
« on: May 02, 2006, 12:19:00 AM »
I have been reading this forum and several things come to mind. My thoughts are in line with people regarding John Mercer. Rather than sitting and going over and over what was wrong with the school I want to try something else.

If you could name ten things you would like to see the school do differently (without naming what they are doing wrong), what would they be?

A few things I would like to see are listed below:

1. Qualified psychologists conducting group therapy.

2. Medication monitored and provided for patients with mental illness according the ADA

3. All child labor/work/exercise therapy time documented and following the guidelines of child labor laws.

4. Any profit from child labor being recorded and provided to the parents along with records of work hours and requirements.

5. Sleeping quarters and living areas up to OSHA standards

6. All methods of CBT to be reviewed by a third party to make sure that the welfare of the children is first priority. This would allow for inappropriate methods of therapy to be eliminated from the program.

7. A throughout report from past students providing their experience with the school, after the school and their transition experience so that the school can make any changes necessary to ensure the welfare of the child comes first

8. Any abuse physical,mental,or sexual be reported immidiately to the local authorities.Pareents should be notified and given the chance to be involved. Any staff involved be put on leave until issue is resolved. Children should not be punished for reporting abuse. Any false reports should be punished by law, as it is a crime to make a false report. Any staff found guilty should be fired and legal charges should be made immidiately

9. Mail should never be withheld as this violates the law.

10. Phone calls with parents should be made in private without any staff present. Any conversation should not be punished.

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