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Seems maybe Ken decided an education might be useful after all


  Dr. Scott Smith has received a B.S. in Business and Marketing a Masters in Business Administration and his Doctorate in Psychology and a second Doctorate in Philosophy.

  Dr. Smith also has been involved in numerous trainings and Seminars dealing with both Businesses and Psychology. Including the Carnegie Mellon Non-profit Institute. He has been on a constant continual education program for the past 15 years, studying Business, Law, Psychology and Religion.

  Dr. Smith has also assisted many States and also Federal agencies to write or review policy and procedures dealing with youth as well as mentally challenged adults.
To Begin a Free Assessment of Your Teen by Dr. Smith
Or Call:

2 ... bertoreyes

Many of the investigative documents into the death of Roberto Reyes.

3 ... d=13499051

Self-Medicated will be released in theaters nationwide on August 31st in the following cities:

New York
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose


An exaggerated, but not inaccurate depiction of how behavior modification works; Why you do have those who come out of it determined to believe they are happy and that it "saved" them. From the POV of the True Believers, The kid in the chair (think of the infamous "blue chairs" at Straight Inc) just wouldn't work his program. The harm done to him was his own fault. Its a powerful little work he has done here. Sadly, the average person wouldn't understand it is a portrayal of what happens in the Teen Gulags every day. They might think it a commentary on  peer pressure; or societies demand for perfection, but they wouldn't get that this actually happens to thousands of kids every day. Maybe they  aren't literally stabbed through, but they do get hurt, physically and psychologically - and sometimes even killed - because they can't smile when horrified and miserable.

PURE Bullshit and CAICA / Historical letters/ Sue Scheff/ WWASPS
« on: December 04, 2006, 12:51:20 PM »
A request:

On this thread:


And possibly others, someone is posting historical letters written from Sue Scheff to various WWASPS persons. They involve the founding of PURE; Rejection by Discovery grads; her gratitude to Randal Hinton, among other subjects.

It seems to me such material deserves its own thread.

I am requesting whomever has this material consider posting it here as well. It might be worth while to keep comments to a minimum. Perhaps comment on the other threads. This may help keep the material more organized and accessible. Just a thought. People will do as they please, I am sure.

PURE Bullshit and CAICA / R. Hinton and S. Scheff, all lovey dovey
« on: November 29, 2006, 07:37:17 PM » ... ences.html

"Teen Help is a marketing group that has provided many Specialty Schools with thousands of students who are in need of help. We are a service that educates and helps parents with their students transition from home to the facility. Our doors have been open for eleven years to assist any parent in need of our help.

P.U.R.E. has been and is a valuable asset to Teen Help. Its experts  are very successful with the Parent Referral Program, and have educated many parents in the referral process. P.U.R.E. has presented our Specialty Schools as an alternative for many parents, Therapists, Doctors, Guidance Counselors, District Attorneys, School Districts, and Probation Officers.

Parents Universal Referral Experts have had first hand experience with Carolina Springs Academy. They has toured the facility, met the staff, and know the ins and outs of the program. Their first hand experience has eased the minds of many parents in the admissions process."


Randall Hinton
Teen Help Admissions

This is the girl who was so badly assaulted at Cross Creek. She had a civil suite filed but it was dismissed. A Google search of her name will bring up some of the court docs - as well as numerous missing person reports such as the following. Anybody know if she ever turned up? ... elece.html

Celece Dawn Dochterman

Above Images: Dochterman, circa 2001

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: June 5, 2001 from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: February 19, 1981
Age: 20 years old
Height and Weight: 4'10, 85 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Auburn hair, blue eyes. Dochterman has facial freckles, which she normally conceals by wearing makeup. She has a fair complexion. Dochterman has a petite stature. She is a vegetarian.

Details of Disappearance

Dochterman resided in Hayward, California with her family in 2001. She traveled to Europe on May 12, 2001 and visited Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dochterman brought her black cat, Michael, along with her for the trip. She contacted her family for the final time from Amsterdam on June 5, 2001. Dochterman has never been been heard from again. She was scheduled to return to the United States and arrive in San Francisco, California sometime afterwards, but she never boarded her flight. Dochterman did not contact the airline or her family to report a change in her itinerary. Her loved ones are concerned that she was a victim of foul play in Belgium or the Netherlands. Dochterman's case remains unsolved.
The Charley Project is featuring Dochterman's case due to her American citizenship and the circumstances involved in her disappearance.


Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Alameda County, California Sheriff's Office


Source Information
Rino Kids Online
Missing Persons Throughout The World


Charley Project Home

8 ... 0B3434522B


A Michigan woman drove nine hours to Ogdensburg to visit her 18 year old sister at Ivy Ridge Academy.

But Rachel Stachowicz says she was turned away at the door and told to leave the grounds.

"She was out of bounds," said Ivy Ridge Executive Jason Finlinson.

The Academy At Ivy Ridge calls itself "a boarding school for the future." Its website says "We are a passageway to assist in the forgiveness, healing and reconciliation of families."

Parents pay $30,000 per year to enroll their teenagers in the program, according to the Watertown Daily Times in a 2003 story.

Stachowicz said she wanted to visit her sister Lindsey for Lindsey's 18th birthday and thought that as an adult, Lindsey would be free to receive any visitor she wanted, especially a sister.

She also wanted to ask her sister whether she wanted to leave the facility.

"I'm her sister," she said, her voice trembling. "Why couldn't I see my sister? She's 18; she has the right to choose to see me or not and they're saying she can't."

Finlinson said that's not the way it works. "We don't turn people over to people we don't know," he said. "She expects us to roll out the red carpet for her."

He said that when a student turns 18, it's the student's personal choice whether to remain in the program. He said the student's decision is made without any pressure from Academy staff, although they will offer advice if asked.

However, Finlenson said,  if a student chooses to remain in the program after turning 18, all visits must still be approved by the parents.

"Have her (Rachel) come up with her mom and dad and take her out to dinner," Finlinson said.

Ms. Stachowicz said she was eventually allowed to talk with her sister by telephone, but that she could hear an Ivy Ridge staffer on the other end telling Lindsey what to say.

"Don't ever send your kids to a place like this," she said.

Dundee Ranch Academy - Costa Rica

The southern-most jewel in WWASPS's crown isn't sparkling so much right now.

Information from a reliable source indicates that owner Narvin Lichfield is being PROSECUTED by Costa Rican authorities and WILL stand trial sometime soon - possibly within the next 3 months.

Lichfield is facing felony charges of keeping children at the facility against their will and violating their civil/human rights by denying them food, education, and communication with parents, and subjecting children to isolation, humiliation, and physical abuse.

This has been a looooong time coming.

Costa Rican officials raided the camp in May 2003, hauled Lichfield's ass (and his cheap wig) to jail, and sent the kids back to the U.S.

The actions of the Costa Rican's also concerned South Carolina officials so much they banned him from being on the grounds of Carolina Springs Academy - another WWASPS program he owns.

In a curious "coincidence" of timing, Lichfield donated $10,000 to the President of Costa Rica a few months following the raid.

Sorry, Narvy, but uh, it looks like that tactic works better for you and your brother here in the U.S. has all the info on Dundee Ranch and the Lichfield clan.

posted May 31, 2006

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