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Did you go to the City of Refuge in Georgia?  I was born in Georgia and my birth mother was there in 1970... Her name is Julia... Did you meet her?


I was a baby that Lester Roloff sold for $500.  My birth mother was in Rebekka House in 1970 in Georgia. I have learned so much about the man who so many call a "man of God." If he was a man of God, please don't count me in.  

I have searched long and hard for this information. I know that Lester made the parents he sold these babies to promise that they would NEVER tell their ill-gotten children from him (my parents KNEW what they were doing was illegal, but the did not care at the time.  How many other parents who "adopted" know what they did was illegal?).  In fact, if Lester had not been killed in a plane crash my adopted mother would have never told me about him.

I am seeking for a support group... Lester did not only hurt young pregnant girls he hurt their babies...

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