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Filming has begun for Our Documentary for Victims who were in the Camps of Kentucky and abused, tortured and murdered.  If you have any information of abuse to others or were a Victim yourself and would like to be part of this Documentary, please contact us at  or private message us on facebook.

This documentary is being professionally done, those who wish to be involved must agree to film crews in your home or place of agreed meeting, and legal contracts signed. Please have a lawyer available, if you wish, to go over contracts with you.

I will repeatedly share this...we face the same for our children.  Our Documentary is in the making, filming has started.  May the Creator guide us all, for the generations of children yet to come.

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The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Victims of Kentucky Boys Camps
« on: January 11, 2018, 12:21:18 PM »
PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO SITE and Share if you would be so kind, thank you !

The Troubled Teen Industry / Victims of Kentucky Boys Camps
« on: January 05, 2018, 02:45:58 PM »
CHILD ABUSE AND DEATH. TORTURE. SADISTIC STAFF. TORTURE TECHNIQUES. EXCRUCIATING PAIN. CORRUPTION. DECEIT. BRAIN WASHING. MURDER AND ABUSE COVER UPS. MENTAL & PHYSICAL ANGUISH. This is what our site is all about. It's about the ruined lives of many young teens, that got abused, rather then helped, by sadistic adults, that could of helped, but rather, enjoyed torturing young people because they could, and they liked their job! I was there. I witnessed so much pain, pure torture, that no human being should ever have to experience! To scream out in pain, and no one cares! When you're pushed beyond what you can physically or mentally endure, yet, they do not stop! They continue! You feel as if you're in a horrible nightmare, and any moment you'll wake up, but it's not a bad dream, its reality! There is no way to stop them. There is no one to yell to for help. They are all against you, and you begin to wonder if you'll live through it. Like an abscessed tooth that causes mind bending pain, that without some kind of pain reliever, you just couldn't handle it. This was the way hundreds were treated in the many camps through out Kentucky. It is time to hold these adults, and the state, responsible for all they have done! Our site is to bring awareness to all that happened in these camps. It's been hidden for years. Cover ups, secrecy, lies, and corruption. I know there are hundreds, possibly thousands of abused people that have been mistreated during their stays at any of Kentucky's camps.

We have men coming forward who as children in these camps were subject to RAPE BY EMPLOYEES AND JUDGES WHO PUT THEM IN THE CAMPS,  Some where subject to  MADE TO STAND IN RAW SEWAGE AND SCOOP OUT THE FOUL MATERIAL TO CLEAN THE SEWER OR THEY WERE HELD UPSIDE DOWN INTO THE SEWER TO SCRUB ITS WALLS WHILE PUKING VIOLENTLY!  Made to wear multiple layers of heavy clothing while scrubbing floors in front of raging fireplace until you passed out, only to be revived to be made to continue to scrub again.  Made to scrub floors from a bent over standing position, with two people hold your knees locked, two pushing your back down towards floor, on each shoulder pushing down, on each arm pulling your arm down while making you hold scrub brushes to the floor scrubbing till the bristles were gone...only to hand you new ones to continue, passing out from the pain, just to be revived to continue.

 These horrible practices have been going on for decades and swept under the rug. We plan to change that. If you or someone you know suffered abuse while in one of Kentucky's Juvenile Detention Facilities...

Mayfield Boys Treatment Center
Owensboro Treatment Center
Green River Boys Camp
Northern Kentucky Treatment Center
Lincoln Village Treatment Center
Lake Cumberland Boys Camp
Cardnal Treatment Center
Central Kentucky Treatment Center
Morehead Treatment Center
KCH Rice-Audubon Treatment Center
Johnson-Breckinridge Treatment Center
Woodsbend Boys Camp/Youth Development Center
Blue Grass Treatment Center
Ramey Estep Home
or any other unmentioned...


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