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Oh and since getting my act together in my own life I have majored in psychology with very good grades and have learned quite a bit about obtaining a degree, becoming a counselor, etc. None of the staff were qualified. None of the therapists were qualified. None. Believe me or dont believe me. Read what the ridge creek school wrote about closing day at Ridge Creek. They say that all the kids were almost in tears they were so sad and blah blah blah LIARS!!! All of them!! People were raped there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to Hidden Lake Academy lol there is nothing phony about what any of these young men and women are saying. I for one had to report one staff member who told me he didnt like the kids there and that he was going to come back with an AK 47 and shoot up the place. He was drinking on the job, drunk at all hours of the day and no one noticed?? lol I had to report him to get the job done. Hidden Lake Academy therapists were masters of manipulation especially with telephone calls. Whenever a student said something that was negative about the school therapists would take control of the call and lie to the parents and then send the kids to do manual child labor on restrictions. We are talking about building roads, carrying trees, burning tires, talking care of jobs that most people hire professionals to do, but here are 14 year old kids doing grown up work! i witnessed more than a few suicide attempts. One ended up in a kid across the hall slitting a main artery and writing "I love God" etc all over the walls. I witnessed a staff assaulting a student, a sports coach kissing 15 year old girls (God I heard some stories, not sure what else he did) Staff members had sex with students, one of the cooks had given a student methamphetamine. Strip searches were regular. Young boys having to get naked, cuff our testicles and squal and cough while two grown men sand and stare. John Potts would smile when he did it to me. SO much abuse going on. I witnessed more than one student get sexually and physically tortured, humiliated and more. People were picked on on a regular basis by students and even staff would join in. Rob Hyde the restrictions coordinator made me do push ups in my own spit once! How degrading. The list goes on and on and on and on.

I went to Hidden Lake Academy peer group 51...drug and alcohol use skyrocketed when I left....that place was horrible...anyone remember a sports coach named walter aka statutory rapist? I remember seeing him kissing young girls on the lips god knows what else he did and then when a buddy and I confronted him he literally threatened to blow our brains out with a gun he had at his house

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