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Title: Grove School Madison, CT
Post by: goneaway on April 13, 2011, 01:14:38 PM
The school wants to send me to a RTC.  My parents are looking at Grove School.
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Post by: Inculcated on April 13, 2011, 02:57:23 PM
Grove School appears (http:// to advertise as a college prep school, but are also operating under the angle of a Therapeutic Boarding School.

This (below) clearly indicates that their enrollment process does not screen out those who have histories of self-harm or harm to others though the injuries described as  “multiple injuries, including a black eye, ruptured blood vessels, a bloody nose and bruises on his face and arms.” which were inflicted on Doe indicate that they (Grove School) were not equipped to protect those persons.
Man sues Grove School in Madison over injuries (http:// (Includes photo of an injury sustained by the teen who is referred to as Doe)

Currently their (Grove School) Wiki page explicitly states:
Grove School serves students with dyslexia, obsessive compulsive disorder, Asperger syndrome, Tourette's Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, mild bulimia nervosa and mild anorexia nervosa. Grove School does not accept students with a diagnosis of moderate to severe cutting, conduct disorder,moderate to severe oppositional defiant disorder or chronic substance abuse problems.
The claims above are at odds with the information reportedly provided about Doe upon admission which asserts “His parents had given the Grove School staff paperwork detailing his mental illness and behavioral issues and noted in a “Special Procedures” section that he “needs space to decompress” and he is “very fragile.” Copies of the information were given to two of three staff members listed in the lawsuit, Sean Kursawe, the assistant principal; and Robert Burgett” and reports that days before the incident “he cut his arms and he told the staff he was “stressed and overwhelmed.”
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Post by: Oscar on April 13, 2011, 05:07:21 PM
It is one of the softer ones but the datasheet mentions lot of small things (http:// you need to be aware off. Background checks seem to be rarely done as the trial against a former employee named Andrew Knapp seem to suggest. Be careful about being alone with the staff.
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I suggest that you run like hell.  Have you been court ordered to an RTC?
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Post by: Pile of Dead Kids on April 14, 2011, 12:10:20 AM
Quote from: "mlg81"
I suggest that you run like hell.

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I spend quite a bit of time in Madison.  Never heard of this place.  Maybe next time I'm there I will pop in and interrogate someone.
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Post by: Pile of Dead Kids on April 14, 2011, 09:12:02 PM
Careful, DJ; judging by the number of Wiki reverts, the management is clearly Fornits-aware.
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Post by: Ursus on April 15, 2011, 12:25:23 AM
Well... Grove School has been around since 1934, according to their home page (http://

I should add, this place seems like it's really big on the therapeutic community modality; specifically, as it is interpreted by the world of psych professionals (as opposed to the world of addiction treatment professionals):

-------------- • -------------- • --------------

Welcome To Grove School

The Grove School program is a co-educational, therapeutic boarding school for adolescents who, because of social/emotional difficulties, have been unable to make satisfactory adjustments in their home, their school, or their social relationships.

The Grove School provides a therapeutic milieu for young people who are experiencing emotional and learning challenges that affect the quality of their lives. By weaving our various therapeutic facets into a seamless whole, we provide an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and the development of meaningful relationships.

The creation of a seamless interface between academic, clinical, residential, and administrative components is the foundation of our treatment model. This resulting therapeutic environment addresses each student's unique individual needs as well as their social and interpersonal responsibilities and obligations. Self-respect, accountability for one’s decisions and actions, the capacity to develop trusting relationships, and the successful navigation of academic demands are the goals of our treatment program.

History Of Grove School

The Grove School occupies a unique place in the annals of Therapeutic Boarding Schools. We are one of the oldest, private, stand-alone programs of its kind in the United States. Founded in 1934 and originally called a Residential Treatment Center, Grove is now officially a Residential Education Center, more affectionately known as a Therapeutic Boarding School. We are located on over 90 acres of beautifully wooded land in the shoreline town of Madison, Connecticut.

Our philosophy of a holistic treatment program, embedded within a creative and individualized academic program, has evolved over the years with input from the varied backgrounds and experiences of its owners, as well as many important professionals who have contributed their ideas, interests, creativity, and hard work over 70 years. The program is very different from other Therapeutic Boarding Schools that fall within this general category.

The Grove School was founded by Dr. J. Perlman in 1934. Dr. J. Sanford Davis was Executive Director from 1955 – 1986. Richard Chorney became the Executive Director in 1986 and then President and CEO in 2000. Peter Chorney took over the responsibilities of Executive Director in 2000. The Grove School is a family run organization with continuing day to day involvement in all aspects of the program. The Grove School is a proprietary corporation with a Board of Advisors representing many fields of expertise including medicine, education, business and law. We are also proud to have former parents and former students as Board members.

The Grove School is approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education. It is also licensed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. We are members of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), the International Society of Adolescent Psychiatry (ISAP), the National Association of Treatment Schools and Programs (NATSAP), the Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA), and an affiliate of the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH). We also support the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).
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Post by: Ursus on April 16, 2011, 12:19:02 PM
Grove School appears to have undergone three distinct phases, each governed by the then owner/executive director:

Dr. Jess Perlman
1955-86: Dr. J. Sanford Davis
1986-present: Richard Chorney; in ~2000, also Peter Chorney (son?)[/list]
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Post by: Oscar on January 05, 2012, 04:58:29 PM
While I was researching the suicide of Brendan Jon Ogonowski:

Man sues Grove School in Madison over injuries (
By Alexandra Sanders, New Haven Register, Published: Monday, January 17, 2011

MADISON — A Rhode Island man has filed a lawsuit, alleging the Grove School used improper restraint procedures during an altercation.

The man, identified as John Doe to protect his identity, was arrested in September 2008 on a third-degree assault charge after staff at the private therapeutic boarding school for adolescents with emotional and social problems, tried to restrain him. The charge has since been dismissed, but now the lawsuit says he is suing the school after sustaining multiple injuries, including a black eye, ruptured blood vessels, a bloody nose and bruises on his face and arms.

“He was there because they supposedly knew how to take care of him,” Doe’s attorney, Diane Polan of New Haven, said recently. “Kids admitted (to the Grove School) are not supposed to end up looking the way my client looked.”

On Friday, Grove School Director Richard Chorney would not specify the restraint procedures used in the school.

“People are obviously trained as they would be in every hospital or school,” said Chorney. “It is not something we have very much of at all, if and when it does happen. I believe that anything that is developed is going to end up being spurious.”

According to the lawsuit, prior to 2008, when Doe, 19, began attending the Grove School, he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and attention deficit disorder, and had been hospitalized three times for treatment of those issues. Doe had not attended school for six months before he enrolled at the Grove School and, during that time, he had expressed suicidal thoughts.

His parents had given the Grove School staff paperwork detailing his mental illness and behavioral issues and noted in a “Special Procedures” section that he “needs space to decompress” and he is “very fragile.”

Copies of the information were given to two of three staff members listed in the lawsuit, Sean Kursawe, the assistant principal; and Robert Burgett, a teacher and part of the Residential Behavioral Management program. Andrew Pollack, associate director of the school, was not given the information, according to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, during the first 10 days of Doe’s residence at the school, he had nine altercations with students and staff, he threatened to kill himself and run away from school, he cut his arms and he told the staff he was “stressed and overwhelmed.”

Around the 10th day, Doe became agitated, called his parents and asked them to pick him up, while he was packing his bags. Kursawe heard Doe on the phone with his mother threatening to kill himself if she did not pick him up and Kursawe said he would call the police if Doe left the school, which prompted him to lock himself in the bathroom, according to the lawsuit.

"They are supposed to de-escalate the situation, not escalate it,” said Polan. “The school holds itself out as saying that this is what their employees are trained to do. Every kid there has behavioral or psychiatric problems and they hold themselves out as a professional school that provides holistic treatments.”

The lawsuit states that at the time of the incident, there were no trained security staff members on the premises.

When Pollack, the “on-call” administrator at the time, arrived at the Green Cottage, where Doe was staying, he left the bathroom, cursed at Pollack and went into his bedroom.

“The staff pushed the door to his room open instead of following the restraint procedures they were taught and went berserk,” said Polan. “(Pollack) didn’t read the file and he didn’t know anything about the child’s issues so things went from bad to worse.”

During the incident, Pollack and Doe both sustained injuries.

“They punched him in the eye,” said Polan. “I acknowledge that people need to be restrained, but people have to be trained in dealing with psychiatric patients and they aren’t supposed to be punished for having those symptoms.”

All three men are still listed as staff members on the Grove School website.

“It was obviously mishandled and I think it is really shocking that a child with psychiatric disabilities goes to a private residential treatment facility and ends up with the injuries he sustained,” said Polan.

According to the Crisis Prevention Institute, an international organization that offers safe behavior management method training, nonviolent crisis intervention involves reducing the risk of injury, complying with legislative standards, minimizing exposure to liability and promoting care, welfare, safety and security.

Doe filed a separate lawsuit against the town of Madison when he was 17, after the arrest, when his name was released on an adult arrest log. That suit is pending.
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Post by: cmack on January 05, 2012, 05:16:57 PM
I like the fact that "Doe" is suing both the school and town. The report didn't make any mention of the staff being arrested when he/they broke down the door and punched Doe in the eye. Maybe lawsuits like this will cause some towns to be less inclined to automatically take the program's side in such altercations. If there are enough lawsuits the towns might decide that the program isn't welcome there anymore and revoke their business license or zoning permit or something.
Title: Update from missing Grove School student
Post by: Oscar on October 27, 2014, 03:37:32 AM
Quote from: Reddit Thread
Reddit thread: (

Hi, I am Samuel Foley, the wanted individual in question in this post.

To prove my identity to anyone questioning my legitimacy I will provide facts that will authenticate myself in the eyes of those that might justifiably be skeptical.
I left a white painted bike helmet at the New Haven station while eluding police. My former advisor at the Grove School was Colin Davies. My first period class at Grove School was English. I was on 30’s check-in level at Grove School. I told Jacob Lieber, a Grove staff, that I would most likely not be returning the day in question.

That should, in my opinion legitimize to some degree my words.

I would like to start my anecdote by reiterating some things I would like the public to know.

You will not find me.

At least, in my professional opinion you will not. I’m smarter, faster, fitter and in every way more adept to this playing field than anyone else. I’m more analytical, resourceful and committed than you. You know who I’m talking about you fat cunt Rosie O’Donnell and especially you piggly wigglies at the Clinton Police Department.
You should understand that I have immense experience in these situations and preparation.

That being said, the way I’m being potrayed rayed in the media is indeed false. My special needs would largely be classified as a Conduct disorder and a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Allegedly, Samuel Foley was being investigated for a spree of larcenies in the Connecticut area. On the verge of expulsion from Grove School, adjudication, forfeiture of common law adoption by his brother etc. Samuel Foley allegedly fled from prosecution.

That is what is not being told here. The Clinton Police Department and other faculties are systematically taking advantage of my siblings legitimate concern to manifest their little manhunt.

Also, for Troubled Teens subreddit, although The Grove School has had plenty of formal complaints about sex offender staff, *see Andrew Knapp and John DiNadio, rapes in their main office and physical abuse of there students at the hands of administrators, I think Grove School, in my experience having been to 5 juvenile institutions (Westchester Behavioral Health Center, Adirondack Leadership Expeditions, Oxford Academy, Island View and Aspen Institute for Behavioral assessment), that Grove School is a beneficial place and at least attempts to help their patients. That being said, I’d also like to state that I have been a long time follower of Troubled Teens subreddit. P.S.

These articles have detailed that I have been living with my brother since my father passed away in April which is false as all my peers at Grove School would know. I’ve been living with my brother since my release from Island View, a secure psychiatric treatment facility in Utah in the summer of 2013. One of the articles detailed an interesting part of this situation. Although my girlfriend was formerly on psychotropics, I have not been for quite sometime (refusal to comply). This being fact, one story said we both REQUIRE medication. So, any attempt to trick me into self-surrending has gone out the window. After the systematic psychiatric abuse I have witnessed and been the victim of, I will not surrender back to another situation in which I could be once again held in a psychiatric facility where I can be locked in solitary confinement, forcefully injected with a Thorizine solution and the like. Fuck you.


P.S.S. Thank you to my friends at The Tor Project for providing the solidified anonymity that will foil any attempts to ever track my Facebook messaging to my girlfriend, my replies and any other traffic to the internet.
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Post by: Oscar on January 04, 2015, 03:09:57 PM

Quote from: Shoreline Times
Missing teens safe, reunited with families, silver alert cancelled (
By Sarah Page Kyrcz, Shoreline Times, January 03, 2015

Silver Alerts were cancelled for missing teens Sam Foley, 17, and Carolyn Lindsey, 16, after the two returned to their respective families, Friday, Jan. 2.

Foley went missing from Clinton on Friday, Aug. 15 and was last seen, via Amtrak surveillance, on the Harlem-125th Street platform in New York City. When Lindsey went missing on Saturday, Sept. 20, video surveillance placed her boarding the 2:14 p.m. Bridgeport train and getting off on the Harlem-125th Street platform.

“Our families are really happy to have Sam and Carolyn back home and healthy,” said Foley’s brother, Andy Foley. “We are thankful to everyone who supported us. The police, the media and our communities were all very helpful.”

One specific detail that Lindsey’s father, Chuck Lindsey, stressed was “the kids made the decision to return and then they contacted us to discuss.”

After phone calls between Foley, Lindsey and their individual families, Andy Foley drove to Philadelphia and picked them up, where the teens had been living in a boarding house.

“They came home on their terms,” stressed Chuck Lindsey. “They decided on their own they were ready to make a switch. Being away so long and not talking to us for so long they were kind of hesitant to call, so there were a few calls and we worked things out…”

Both Clinton Detective Bryan Pellegrini and Trumbull Detective Brian Weir, worked independently on this case, in some capacity, every single day, while the teens were missing.

“Special thanks to the Clinton Police Department, in particular Detective Bryan Pellegrini and Cpl. Craig Lee,” said Chuck Lindsey. “From our very first contact with them they continually acted with professionalism and empathy, which, if you’re going through what we’re going through, is very important.

“Despite carrying a heavy case load they made themselves constantly available to meet our concerns”

After briefly meeting with Sam Foley and Andy Foley on Saturday morning, Pellegrini said he would follow up with them next week.

“Settle in, take care of some family business, but next week I’m going to call you and we’re going to sit down and talk about this whole thing,” Pellegrini said he told the brothers.

Chuck Lindsey said his daughter is doing well at home, “It’s not like they were staying at The Plaza, so I think she got to experience the other side of life, but luckily she is healthy and seems to be herself. It’s a transitionary period. A lot’s happened in her life in the last few months so we’re just kind of regrouping here.”

Pellegrini says the case is not yet completely closed. “I also want to find out how he did it,” he said. “So for future reference, if any kid goes missing, maybe it will help me in my investigation later.”

Rosie O’Donnell took personal interest in the teens’ story on Oct. 6, saying on the ABC daytime talk show “The View” that her daughter, Chelsea, is a friend of Lindsey’s from Grove School in Madison, where Sam Foley also attended.

Again, on Dec. 9, the case got national attention during the HNL show Nancy Grace.

Chuck Lindsey said that keeping the story in the public eye was extremely important to bringing the teens back safe and healthy.

“We believe that the constant public awareness was one of the factors that helped them decide to come home,” he said.

“It feels rewarding that they’re home and they’re safe,” said Pellegrini. “We can close it out knowing that there’s no adverse outcome. That was our main objective, the whole time, was just to make sure that they were safe wherever they were.”

Chuck Lindsey says the family is now adjusting to being together again. “We’re going through a transitionary process, getting reacquainted and taking it slow and really just enjoying the fact that we have her home and, you know, we’re more intent on loving her than judging her.”