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Title: Q & A with Dr. Charles Huffine
Post by: katfish on October 25, 2005, 12:57:00 AM
Dr. Charles Huffine, of 'A Start'  (Alliance for the Safe and Therapeutic Application of Residential Treatment) has so graciously agreed to answer your questions about ...well, anything to do with his field of expertise, specifically therapy models that work or have proven ineffective if not downright harmful. It appears a great deal of misinformation is floating around, so I think this is a great oppurtunity to set the record straight on what has been proven to work, etc. I know I left MMS very confused as to what legitimate therapy was, so I'm pretty sure you all may have some questions that Dr. Huffine may be able to answer.

If you have a question please e-mail me at ... ChildAbuse (

It may also be a good idea to post them on this thread too, just for the sake of people noting what questions others have and to prevent repeat questions...

Dr. Huffine bio soon to come...