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Feed Your Head / Trump restarts "War on drugs"
« Last post by Oscar on March 19, 2018, 06:22:03 AM »
Maybe the troubled teen industry can rise again now where Donald Trump will introduce the possibility of death penalty for drug dealers.

Drug dealers could get death penalty under new Trump plan (New York Post)

The Danish Lesson from WWII

In Denmark we know that this approach will fail and prevent getting the big fish among the drug dealers.

When WWII was over, Denmark re-introduced death penalty so those who worked for Nazi Germany could be shot.

All the small simple cases went well and about 50 persons were shot. Once the state got to the more complex cases, the lawyers were better and some of vitnesses had been found guilty and had been shot so in the end the big fish got off with fines and some years in prison. 10 years after the war all war criminals had been released.

This will also happen in the war on drugs. Look at China and the Philippines. Ordinary small dealers are killed, the big masterminds stay their distance and cash in.

What about the deals who lure people for illegal drugs?`

In many cases drug use starts up because professionals introduce patients to legal drugs. It can be medication against ADHD given to young people where the doctors have misdiagnosed the patients. It ends up being used as legal doping. In some cases the sideeffects are so big that the patient still believing that there is an illness look for other drugs as replacement for the legal drugs.

The medication industry overmedicate the population. Some things in life will hurt. Being run over. Getting dental work. Losing your parents. Breaking a bone. Pain relief in the start might be OK, but some types of pain, you will actually cope better with if you started to do certain exercises or basically just tried to go for long walks so your brain can be given something simple to think about.

In Europe many people who face certain forms of crisis in their life actually walk The Way of Saint James instead of sitting around back home trying to medicating themselves out of pain or sorrow ending up living a better life.

None go through life unscratched and we see an medication industry trying to get us to think that there is a pill against everything.

The present substance abuse epidemic has a lot to do with legal perscription medication. This is not addressed.

Nothing learned from the past

What did happen in 1980's during the first war on drugs was a boost in alternative residential so-called drug treatment programs run by people who had absolute no knowledge into the complex illness which drug addiction is. Drug addiction is a legal medical illness and when treated it should be done by professionals only.

In the 1980's and 1990's children got hurt by treatment conducted by amaturs. For many there were no addiction to start with. It was suspicions alone which landed them in a treatment program. There were no real tests and in many cases the entire operation was not drug treatment but rather getting money from the state or parents which were the motivation for the entire operation.

We at Spft recognize that people die from drugs, just as they die in traffic or die from consuming legal things like beers, wine and other forms of alcohol and even in some case just too much food in general.

Of course the hospitals should be equipped dealing with cases of substance abuse just as they are with treatment of anything else which can kill people.

But the War on drugs should start in a different place. Focusing on punishment for those who provide the drugs on street level is not the solution. Look where the drugs come from. Should the entire world not focusing on make these countries and these people far away earn their money in some other way? Let us not forget that about a little over 100 years ago all major countries (including the United States) invaded China so they were forced to allow Opium. Opium were produced in India and repeating the mistake of fixing the issue where the drugs are used instead of fixing the issue where the drugs are grown and produced will be a lesson not learned.

Is that how far we are in the year of 2018? Did we not learn anything?

Feed Your Head / Suicide by fire at Gray Wolf Ranch
« Last post by Oscar on March 15, 2018, 03:27:17 PM »
Quote from: Peninsula Daily News
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigating reported suicide by fire
by Paul Gottlieb - January 22, 2018

PORT TOWNSEND — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of an 18-year-old man at Gray Wolf Ranch residential treatment center who reportedly committed suicide by dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself on fire, sheriff’s Sgt. Brett Anglin said Sunday.

Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney-Coroner Mike Haas identified the victim Sunday afternoon as Vincent J. Gilbert of California.

Deputies and East Jefferson Fire-Rescue personnel responded to Gray Wolf’s 3804 W. Hastings Ave. facility at about 5 p.m. Saturday in response to a report of suicide by fire, according to a 9:28 a.m. email from Anglin Sunday.

“Initial investigation revealed that the man had likely been doused in gasoline from a nearby equipment shed,” Anglin said in the email.

“A lighter was found near the body.”

Anglin said investigators were still interviewing residents of the facility about the death.

“The initial report is it’s a suicide. We are still attempting to confirm the cause of death and the manner of death. We’re still investigation that to determine if foul play is involved.”

Haas said an autopsy will be conducted.

Gray Wolf treats adolescent males and young men, according its website at

Gilbert’s body was found by employees and residents of the facility while the fire was still going, Anglin said.

They were looking for Gilbert after he did not show up for dinner and discovered the fire burning about 50 feet from a tool shed where Anglin said gasoline was stored.

Anglin said parts of Gray Wolf are locked down while others are not.

Gray Wolf Office Manager Judy Herwer would not comment Sunday on the incident.

“Under the law, and under the way we operate, I cannot confirm or deny any information,” she said.

The facility website refers potential clients to a Seattle phone number.

Gray Wolf was acquired by Atwell Care Management LLC in January 2017.

The company, based in New York, was founded in 2016 as a behavioral health management company, Atwell said in a news release announcing the acquisition.

Its two owners have extensive experience investing in health-care and hospitality assets, according to the news release.

Gray Wolf is a 26-bed facility for males between ages 14-26 with drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders.

The facility, founded in 1997, provides “evidence-based inpatient treatment experience, a robust wilderness program, and educational center, and a wide range of other programs designed to develop and enhance residents’ life skills,” Atwell said in its release.

“Gray Wolf Ranch will be the group’s first venture in the behavioral health and addiction treatment space,” the release said.
The Troubled Teen Industry / Relaxed security at MONTANA ACADEMY, MONTANA
« Last post by Oscar on March 15, 2018, 03:20:59 PM »
From an article about a family who lost their son. He stayed at Montana Academy after forced participation in a wilderness program.

The article states:

Quote from: Novant Health - Loving someone with addiction: Part 1 -A mother's personal struggles with her son's drug addiction
Link to article
He went straight from wilderness to Montana Academy, a therapeutic boarding school located in rural northwest Montana. He lived and went to school there from mid-January 2012 until August 2013. Even in this highly structured environment, he was able to continue his drug-seeking behaviors and intermittently found ways to use drugs. He shared that for about a month, he and several other boys in the boys dorm would swap their prescription medications during the weekends because the weekend staff were easier to trick. He and others would snort Vyvanse and Adderall that belonged to boys who had attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and, in return, Jackson would share his Seroquel, his medication for bipolar disorder. Because he didn't have any access to marijuana or anything to smoke, the only way he could get high was by snorting pills. Although he never did this, he shared that others tried to get alcohol from hand sanitizers on campus. During a trip home, he shoplifted cough syrup from a store in the airport and drank it mixed in his soda.

This is the reality in many programs. The substance abuse continues and it can end up with a tragedy once the program is over.
Feed Your Head / Books tells the story about how a victim became part of the system
« Last post by Oscar on March 15, 2018, 10:34:40 AM »
The book The Source of All Things: A Memoir tells her story about how she was molested as a child by her step-father and tried to deal with it. It also tells the story how she became part of the abuse Challenge Wilderness program where a child died some years later.

News Items / How many died there?
« Last post by Oscar on March 12, 2018, 03:27:48 AM »
If you look at Domestic Prisoners of Conscience who has this record:

74. Excelsior Youth Center at least 3 girls have died there:

  • June Pena
  • Amanda ??
  • Chula ??

Who can find articles mentioning these girls and are there more?
« Last post by Dad on March 08, 2018, 02:25:41 AM »
Every thing you read here is true.  As a desperate parent we are hoping what the staff tells us is true.  But it is not!  Find another way to love your child.  This is definitely not it.   
I found a number of written testimonies. They are not that positive. Maybe you should also add some written material to your video.

Various testimonies from the Tales from the Black School testimonial blog[/utl]
Let's talk about the weather... / Re: Danes dying out
« Last post by greene.winston on March 07, 2018, 02:27:25 PM »
That video blows my mind. I feel like that is exactly where our society is headed in a decade or so if Millennials don't start getting serious about life and replacing themselves.
 I believe the redacted portions of this recently declassified MKUltra document include information about Charles E Dederich and his founding of the Synanon cult literally three days prior to it's writing.
Dederich worked for a "military defense contractor" in his early years before starting Synanon. There are also stories of LSD being given out freely to Synanon members as part of their interrogations. Ultimately, Synanon was the perfect medical control group for experimentation. They all ate the same diets because food was provided by the cult, they were made of of all races ages and genders, they all underwent the exact same exercise regimens, etc. They were primarily addicts and released prisoners, so they were exactly the sort of people the government would have been willing to experiment on in the early 1960's. It is my opinion that those people who were victims of these MK-ultra programs in the 1960's then neurotically acted out the abuse they had suffered onto others, who then imprinted others, etc. This basically had a cascading effect and is a true sociological phenomenon that therefore can't be isolated to just one person. This sick phenomenon is common to a small population of people, and that makes it all the more insidious and all the more harmful to the ideas of human freedom and liberty. We may never know if the above MK-Ultra document actually references Synanon or if it references some similar cult program, but what is clear in my opinion from the evidence is that Synanon more than any other program was  basically just a dry run of communist brainwashing tactics on Americans. Whether Dederich did it for national defense purposes, or just learned of these tactics and then decided to implement it because he was a power hungry sociopath, we will never know. But it makes sense that the government would be interested in researching interrogation, and Synanon would have been literally the best test pool I could have thought of if I was a deep state operative in the early 1960's.

This video about North Korean communist brainwashing tactics produced in the mid nineteen fifties at around the time of Synanon's founding by the US War Dept. seems like it describes many of the tactics used in Synanon. The below video proves that our government had a very real interest in doing real world testing on civilian Americans to more fully understand the effects of these sorts of brainwashing tactics. These experiments were likely considered essential national security projects.
Synanon / Re: BILL LANE: Transformed Transporter
« Last post by greene.winston on March 07, 2018, 02:04:33 PM »
I'm fairly sure that Bill was the name of the feared transporter who lived near Mount Bachelor Academy. MBA was started by former CEDU people, so him being the same guy, that would make sense. I think he was living near the school in the Ochoco National forest in Oregon. He had a fortified basement that he would use as a prison for children for several days at a time while their parents decided what program to send them to. It apparently had cable, video games and bars on the windows, and I knew several kids who spent small stretches of time there.
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