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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Imaginationland
« Last post by ajax13 on May 19, 2018, 06:02:07 PM »
The patently absurd story of the imposter addictions expert and All About Receiving Cash sect leader continues to be sold to the unsuspecting.  The Wiz did not found AARC, it was set up by the people responsible for sending Canadians to the Kids child abuse cult in the United States.  The Wiz has however, been at AARC  since 1992, rendering the claim that he spent twenty years researching adolescent addiction as preposterous as the rest of the nonsense emitted from AARC.  One phoney tale is piled on another.  The Wiz wrote his Project Demonstrating Excellence about AARC, after he had already taken control of the sect, and AARC now claims that his PhD "program" was really  “Adolescent Substance Use Disorders”.  The capacity for the sect to generate nonsense seems to be without limit.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Good News about our film the last Stop
« Last post by Matt C. Hoffman on May 15, 2018, 05:31:18 PM »
It has been reduced to 10 dollars  to stream-  We had been talking about doing this - And the funny thing it is about "the program"  not just our experiences at Elan the film portrays this sick program that really every one can recognize , as being "the Program"  - no matter where an unfortunate soul was sent.

It is so good I hope every  one will see it - more people that were not in a place - they seem to get really upset when they find out this is going on taday in many places for huge profits -and it is just as bad as the Elan in our film .

Cause this has got to end - Places like the ARRC in Canada- People in Canada need to see our film -
Ms Callahan treads a line of fiction that is libelous and slanderous - where in the world did she find that the perpetrator had placed their semen on the remains - Jesus for the last time , there was not one scintilla of direct evidence linking Mr. Skakel to the crime. Her whole premise is that people with money get treated differently , though in this case , one could argue because of money justice was not served - and my point is

Mrs. Maureen Callahan does not know about the sheet that was found  " loving placed over Martha Moxley's remains by - some one unknown after the fact , huh, and there was no biologics  of Mr. Skakels found on anything including the sheet, nor the body.  I am also surprised at how some one has apparently given up - that maybe the jig is up. Therefore why repeat something that is known to be false.

She has to boister the lie of this Camelot by stating that Elan was a posh ( hahahahahaha) place , which is funny considering how many thousands of Connecticut's, New York's , Massachusetts , state wards were processed thru this brutal ,broke down palace, of a well protected criminal enterprise, where attack therapy akin to torture was used by  the adults that ran that hell hole, as they criminally  warehoused children under the guise of  therapy. and for a hefty profit . Since these adult employees directed us, the residents, to abuse each other on a daily basis. Posh no it was eat or be eaten /or life during Wartime. Nothing therapeutic about Elan, imo it was the biggest criminal scam to have existed in the State of Maine for close to forty years.

Felice and then I inquired -you know inquiring minds want to know - The NY post is a rag that is a akin  to that of other super market tabloids - so why would there be any  imo fact in this prattle of this woman's obvious premise  to maintain the status Quo of the Kennedys, as untouchable which is not true -a man with money was still was railroaded into prison - while apparently the killer who imo also has money as  well, remains free. - A death  bed confession, at this point would not surprise me.
Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Controlling the Chokepoints 3
« Last post by ajax13 on May 14, 2018, 05:52:44 PM »
Subsequent to the airing of the CBC's Fifth Estate program "Powerless" in February of 2009,  no action was undertaken by the Children's Services Ministry, despite the fact that the program revealed an array of unlawful and dangerous practices used by the sect in their behaviour modification program.  Significant among these practices is the use of "recovery homes".  These recovery homes are unlicensed, unregulated private jails operated by AARC sect members.  The practice was used in the Seed, Straight Inc., and Kids, all AARC progenitor programs.  While in these unlicensed jails, AARC subjects known as "Newcomers" are under the control of "Oldcomers", subjects who have undergone the primary process of indoctrination into the AARC sect.  In the case of Christine Lunn, she was given over to a young man of the age of majority who was in a position of authority over her, despite the fact that he was determined by AARC to be suffering from a chronic brain disease that significantly impaired his judgement and produced an array of antisocial behaviours.  This unfortunate young man had just undergone months of highly stressful behaviour modification using thought reform techniques.  Clearly no reasonable person would give a teenage girl to a young man under such conditions, but this was done by AARC.  No investigation of this practice was undertaken by Children's Services.

The CBC program also revealed that AARC uses a bizarre form of indoctrination on subjects that entails rendering the AARC clients entirely dependent on the sect.  The process was described by Barry Beyerstein, a psychologist from Simon Fraser University:

"All such practices begin with a concerted assault upon the individual's personal identity,  i.e.,  an attempt to destroy his or her sense of self and its relation to the pre-existing social matrix.5  By systematically undermining their sense of individual autonomy,   target  persons can be driven to a state of child-like vulnerability to outside influences,  dramatic alterations in beliefs,  and in extreme cases,  psychotic-like behavior and suicidal tendencies."

This indoctrination was further revealed to be conductedat AARC by amateur staff, a staff composed of subjects who have undergone the sect's indoctrination process.

The use of the cruel and equally bizarre punishment regimen known at "Zero Club" was also discussed on the CBC program.  In the case of Christine Lunn, AARC inflicted the Zero Club punishment on her and justified the criminal conduct by alleging that Lunn was suicidal.  AARC's records of Lunn's indoctrination indicate that despite being deemed suicidal by AARC, at no time did AARC afford Lunn the opportunity to see a mental health professional to deal with the alleged suicidal ideation.

A wide range of illegal and dangerous practices were discussed on the Fifth Estate, and this begs the question as to why no one from Children's Services undertook an investigation of any kind.  No agent of the Provincial Government ever attempted to contact or interview Rachel O'Neill, Christine Lunn, Bodana Dye or Simi Bates.  Instead they were left to the devices of AARC's inquisitor and sued.

This internal document from AARC shows that the Minister of Children's Services at the time, Janis Tarchuk, was in communication with AARC after the CBC program aired.  As well, the former Minister for Children's Services, Heather Forsyth, was also communicating directly with AARC, as was Ron Stevens,  the Alberta Justice Minister. 

These former members of the Alberta Government ensured that no investigation of AARC was undertaken, and the sect continues to use the same practices today, including the use of amateur jails, unlawful practice of Restricted healthcare activities, and the use of the behaviour modification techniques passed down from the progenitor programs in the United States.

"Once letter is complete send a copy to Hon Ron Liepert, Hon. Janis Tarchuk, Jonathan Denis, Ron Stevens (in confidence)"

"Once we receive confirmation from the police that the cases are closed both ministers will be informed. Heather Forsyth contacted Jane Bolstad and warned of the U of WO students doing research on AARC with a negaitive slant as a result of the Fifth Estat. She cautioned that it was not over & we should forward letters of support of AARC to government officials. Heather was sent the Ombudsman letter and copies of letters of support that AARC has received."

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Skakel's sentance is vacated.
« Last post by Eliscu2 on May 14, 2018, 05:17:07 AM »
This is a big Deal - Michael Skakel has had his conviction overturned by the Connecticut Supreme court - It is unclear , at this point if prosecutors are going to file for another trial.

I hope the Department of Justice looks into the deal - Connecticut CPS/CJJS had with Joe Ricci and the amount of money that state paid Joe for participating in his well protected by Maine folks -elected officials - Joes continuing criminal enterprise known as the Elan School- It ran for forty years - Connecticut sent thousands of children to Elan.

I just read this article in The New York Post where the Author referred to Elan as "a posh reform school in Maine" :o
It's in the opinion section.
Skakel’s tossed conviction just another example of Kennedy privilege

World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS) / 9 years prison
« Last post by Oscar on May 11, 2018, 04:38:01 PM »
New trial denied, former Midwest Academy owner sentenced to prison

Former Midwest Academy owner, Ben Trane, was denied a new trial Thursday and sentenced to prison, but was expected to be free by Friday.

The judge sentenced Trane to 9 years in prison with credit for time served.

Trane also must register as a sex offender and will be under supervision for 10 years once released.

Trane filed an appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court. He is expected to post a $5,000 bond and free Friday at noon, as the appeals process plays out.

Trane was accused of mentally and sexually abusing students at Midwest Academy in Keokuk.

Three criminal complaints were filed against Trane in August of 2017 by Iowa Department of Public Safety Special Agent Joe Lestino.

In one complaint, Lestino describes the sexual abuse allegation against Trane.

Lestino stated between January and December of 2015, Trane performed sexual acts on a student. He stated Trane "coerced the student to engage in sex acts for her to successfully participate and 'level up' in the program and to be able to contact her family members."

In the second complaint, Lestino stated the following:

During September 2014 through January 2016, defendant was owner and director of the Midwest Academy, a private for-profit therapeutic boarding school. Defendant held himself out to students as a counselor and therapist. Defendant proctored and participated in individual and group counseling sessions with female students, which included 'body therapy". The "body image therapy" involved the defendant having the female students undress and stand in front of a mirror to discuss what aspects of their body they did not like of felt uncomfortable with. Defendant further engaged in sexually explicit conversations with female students through conversation and written questionnaires and had physical contact with some of the female students. These acts were done for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification and attempted grooming.

The third complaint, which charges Trane with child endangerment, Lestino stated that the defendant maintained an environment that created a substantial risk to the students' physical, mental, or emotional health and/or safety. He stated this included solitary confinement for extended periods of time.

Multiple agencies, including the FBI, raided Midwest Academy in Keokuk in 2016 in light of sexual abuse allegations and students were removed. The school was officially closed just days later.

Trane was convicted in a jury trial in December.
The Troubled Teen Industry / You know I would seriously
« Last post by Matt C. Hoffman on May 05, 2018, 11:30:42 AM »
hope that the prosecutors would view our film prior to making a decision to take up the  Connecticut  Supreme courts caveat - they had to offer - of granting them the option of a re-trial. Since Mr.Skakel is mentioned a couple of times in our film.

And from the point of eyewitnesses to his Elan ordeal. 

I hope the prosecutors are not as corrupt- and know in their hearts why an alleged coerced thru methods akin to an article in a Time Magazine that was aptly called Torture. It boggles my mind how much of what was known about Elan and what went on inside those walls of all those houses that Joe Ricci ran and his criminal operation of a fraud was allowed to continue ten years after his death with  the same sadistic miscreants that I knew when I had the unfortunate experience of being placed in that hell hole by scared sadistic primary care giver .

I hope the prosecutors think real hard and long about this fact ,that it is law no coerced thru any means of physical or emotional "torture ", can an allegedly extracted confession be admitted  into a court of law ,anywhere in this wonderful country. What I would think would also leave a terrible taste in that prosecutors ,be it Benedict - ( he has since retired - getting out while he can- we see  - lol ) or who ever's mouth- is that this  alleged confession is conveyed thru hearsay.

It is funny to me still -that Elan residents are sorta kinda believed on the witness stand - in Connecticut- and their  testimony was used by the prosecutors to gain a murder conviction against a man, that there  existed,  not  one scintilla of direct  of evidence - ( how else were that able to get this conviction ) linking Mr. Skakel directly to this crime.

Yet in the State of Maine - the years of allegations of systemic, serial ,brutal sadistic , violent criminal child abuse - that Joie Ricci profited upon as well as the State of Maine thru Joe's impressive profits that generated a whooping  amount of tax revenue to a very underpopulated and economically depressed area of the State of Maine- are not believed - when former residents have voiced them over the years.

I hope to have some better news about our film soon , hopefully at least by Monday - We really want to make this affordable for every one - I will say it again I am very proud of our film -

Think about it the program or concept - The  tools used to fit the individual to the one size fits all methodologies of Synanon - then you have this place called Elan run by  violent NYC street thug who took this very "Abstract " concept and created a very dangerous place for human beings to receive "attack therapy " or milue therapy as it is also cleverly called like this word  give it some sort of validation as being good.

And our film conveys this Abstract concept  of this thing called" the program "- based on a sick mans sick cult called Synanon  in such a fashion that nay one who has ever been in this type of hell can identify . We use our story of the Elan school  to explain just what the hell this is, and we do it well .

And that is our story - our message of our film is much greater than our Elan story - while it is excellent , and that  is this continues in places, we  name about ten or more  in our film , ( we do not tell the stories of what happened to children in these abusive rtcs out  of respect for survivors  of these  places.  We welcome them to tag along and tell their stories of abuse - as horrific as that may seem we simply cannot do that for them ), yet we welcome them to visit our face book documentary page, and just write.

I am happy at the direction of our film is taking - it truly was a labour of love - I will not see ant money from this film - it is not mine - I honored to have worked on this film and credit at the end of the film is  worth more to me than any   money  - I hope to have  info about affordability of our film soon .   

The Troubled Teen Industry / Skakel's sentance is vacated.
« Last post by Matt C. Hoffman on May 04, 2018, 06:52:51 PM »
This is a big Deal - Michael Skakel has had his conviction overturned by the Connecticut Supreme court - It is unclear , at this point if prosecutors are going to file for another trial.

I hope the Department of Justice looks into the deal - Connecticut CPS/CJJS had with Joe Ricci and the amount of money that state paid Joe for participating in his well protected by Maine folks -elected officials - Joes continuing criminal enterprise known as the Elan School- It ran for forty years - Connecticut sent thousands of children to Elan. 
Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: And the Bodies Keep Piling Up
« Last post by ajax13 on May 02, 2018, 02:55:18 PM »
Aspen Education Group / Neighbors worry
« Last post by Oscar on May 01, 2018, 01:26:53 PM »
After the murder the local residents worry. Unfortunately the local police only see the teenagers confined at the ranch as criminals instead of teenagers suffering from mental illnesses or simply victims of their parents wealth.

April 26, 2018

ESCALANTE – A group of four youths, known locally as “runners,” made their way off the lower campus of Turn-About Ranch, a residential treatment program for troubled teens, on the night of Saturday, April 14. Each of the youths—who had split up during their run—were apprehended by late the following evening, on Sunday night.

No injuries or damages within the local community were reported, but this most recent incident has fueled Escalante residents’ concerns over both security conditions at Turn-About Ranch, as well as the notification system to Escalante locals—and around the region—when runners are at large.

The current episode happened just six weeks after two other youths escaped the Turn-About campus, committed a burglary, and stole and wrecked an Escalante resident’s vehicle, in February. In December of 2016, another youth in the treatment program murdered one Turn-About staff member, seriously injured another, and also stole and wrecked a vehicle during a police chase.

“They [Turn-About Ranch] have an obligation to the community for safety and security, but they appear to be tone deaf,” one local resident said in response to the recent incidents.

Michelle Lindsay, Turn-About’s executive director, said “I think there is a little more alarm. There is some additional concern since that period of time [in reference to Jimmy Woolsey, the staff person who was killed in December 2016]. So to some it seems like things are worse, or that they are happening more often. And certainly a car theft is a lot more visible.”

“I think we consider the incident with Jimmy an anomaly,” Lindsay added.

“Students have always ran, and that is something that is difficult to predict,” said Shane Young, who serves as Turn-About’s admissions director. “We’re not a ‘lock-down’ facility.”

Lindsay and Young did not identify any additional security procedures that have taken place since the more serious incidents have occurred, and said that their best source of security is doing good screening of incoming students.

“Some of this is dependent on parent reporting, what is the history of the student, what have they done in the past,” said Lindsay. “But the question is—what will they do here. That’s part of the process and something that is ongoing. And being more vigilant. We don’t want our staff to become casual. We have ongoing staff trainings. But you can’t always predict what a student is going to do.”

Stories circulating locally included that the youths managed to walk out the door of the facility, unimpeded.

According to Lindsay and Young, Turn-About staff had just completed a bed check prior to the youths’ escape.

“There was no altercation or aggression with any of the staff. They ran out the door, they didn’t just walk off. We have procedures that are state-mandated that are followed very closely, so we were on this within five minutes,” said Young.

While one youth was discovered relatively soon on the Turn-About campus, others were out all the following day.

Several local individuals had interactions with the missing youths, without incident. Steve Angle, who has property adjacent to Turn-About, said, “The one kid found my motor home open. He went in there and spent the night on a soft bed with a cover and a blanket on him. He treated it nice, he didn’t tear anything up.”

On Sunday evening, the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office activated their Emergency Telephone Notification (ETN) System public alert. According to Garfield County Sheriff’s office public information officer Denise Dastrup, a “robo” call was issued to 502 selected phone numbers in the Escalante area, although it was not implemented until 5:46pm on Sunday, April 15.
The emergency message stated: “This is a message from Garfield County Sheriff’s office. We have three runaways from Turn-About Ranch. Please lock your cars and your home. If you see anything suspicious please report it to the Sheriff’s Office at 435-676-2678.”

(One of the youths had already been captured by the time the emergency notification call was made.)

Still, many Escalante residents said their phone numbers were not on the emergency notification list, and they had no idea the youths were on the run.

An Escalante resident who frequently hikes near town alone said she was planning on a day hike with a friend up Bailey’s Wash, when another local resident told her, “be careful, three runners are out there.”

“This really unnerved me,” she said. “We ended up changing where we were going to walk.”

“We need to know when these kids are running around, and we also need to know when they’re caught. I hike alone a lot, and I really want to know,” she added.

Regarding notification to the community, Michelle Lindsay said, “There is a fine line between, ‘do you want to notify the community?’ and, ‘we don’t want to create alarm.’”

Garfield County Sheriff Danny Perkins said this was the first incident where the sheriff’s office has used the ETN system to notify local residents about Turn-About runners, and he said they are working with a new emergency alert phone system and still need to work out some of the kinks.

“They were gone about a day before we finally sent the alert out. We should have done it a little before that,” said Sheriff Perkins. Perkins also noted that on the night the last two youths were found walking through Escalante, “We had a helicopter about halfway there.”

Sheriff Perkins said his goal is for everyone to be on the Emergency Alert phone system list that would like to be on it, and he encouraged anyone who wants to make sure they are on the list to call the Garfield County Sheriff public information office or go online to enter or update their information.

Turn-About director, Michelle Lindsay, said that their staff also makes calls to an opt-in notification list when there are runaways, and flyers are also placed at businesses in town.

Sheriff Perkins shared several of the concerns that have been expressed by Escalante residents, related to Turn-About runners.

“They are like criminials,” said Perkins. “You don’t know what they are capable of. I’ve had conversations with citizens, and everyone agrees that Turn-About is an asset to the community, but everyone also agrees they need to beef up their security.”
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