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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Three Can Keep a Secret if Two Are Sued
« Last post by ajax13 on December 12, 2018, 03:53:24 PM »
Here's a funny excerpt from a letter sent by All About Receiving Cash's lawyer:
"AARC is not in the business of litigation. Its business is the treatment of adolescent drug and alcohol dependency. Despite this, AARC has no choice but to pursue litigation against the CBC and the journalists associated with the “Powerless” broadcast unless an appropriate settlement can be reached. [Emphasis added]"

Perhaps Mr. Stapon got the facts backwards from AARC, an understandable outcome given the sect's amateurish and bungling nature.  Certainly it would seem that the sect is geared more to litigation than to the treatment of adolescent drug dependency.  AARC has a staff of unqualified amateurs, save a couple of sect members who are nurses, but they have a very qualified litigator working for them.

So perhaps what Mr. Stapon meant to say was that AARC is very much in the business of litigation and not in the business of the treatment of adolescent drug dependency.

Which would be much more consistent with the known facts.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Silver Blasé
« Last post by ajax13 on December 04, 2018, 01:38:13 AM »
All About Receiving Cash has enjoyed a disgraceful and unethical relationship with the Calgary Police Service for over twenty years.  Calgary cops have shilled for the sect in the media, the CPS brass attend the AARC begathons, and sect member Andrew Morton apparently gets paid by CPS to work at the unlicensed, unregulated behaviour modification program.  The relationship between the two organizations is so cozy that once the Wizard of Vause figured out that CBC was not about to provide yet more free advertising for the sect, he scuttled off to CPS and spun yet another lie, this time claiming that he was in danger and that wicked junkies were out to do something or other of a nefarious nature to him and/or his cult.  Thus Vause and CPS set up a bogus scenario before the "Powerless" episode aired, which permitted CPS to "investigate" the AARC victims and protect the perps.  Dean Vause was able to stovepipe information to witless CPS Detective Dave Rock, who used it to intimidate Rachel O'Neil when she was interviewed by Rock about her rape at AARC.  Rock likewise closed Christine Lunn's file. 

"Dr. Vause met with detectives with the Calgary Police Dr. Vause, John Service before and after the airing of “Powerless”.    AARC & Dr. Vause’s home is monitored by the police. The police recommend to not lay criminal
charges at this time but suggested AARC may have
grounds for a civil action.   recent quote from Det. Rock)
Dr. Vause has been in contact with Detective Dave
Rock of the sex crimes unit and an investigation is
proceeding – Detective Rock appears to be closing
Rachael’s file “Thank-you for this information. It has allowed
me to clear this case already. I have spoken to the ‘victim’ who is happy with the documentation. She was horrified that I asked about Penner as she said,” I didn’t want to ask about him.” –for whatever reason.   I can finish my report and put this away. Thanks again –Dave”"

As stated previously in this forum, Rock had the decency and common sense to die on July 02, 2009.  Days later, yet another victim of abuse by AARC perverts went to CPS.  Here is part of a message she sent July 08, 2009.  As Rock was already dead, another CPS shining light managed the complaint:

"I talked to the police the other day. They told me that there were no criminal charges in my case because molestation is not a crime. Yes... he told me that sexual assault, rape, etc... were in the criminal code, but not molestation. I was a bit flabbergasted until I realized why he was being such a fucking idiot. The correct term is "sexual exploitation" - it is a criminal offense to touch a minor (between the ages of 14-18) for sexual purposes, directly or indirectly on any portion of the minor\'s body. So because I said "molestation" rather than "exploitation" the cop is trying to run with that and say that no crime was committed.
...The cop actually told me to go to the library and figure out what law Tom broke (according to the laws that were in effect in 1997).
...Also, I sent a complaint to the Alberta College of Social Workers about Marty Heeg. I guess he admitted to them that he had me over for sleep overs and tried to rock me on his lap, but they wrote that "his intent was clearly to provide you with support at a time when you were experiencing a great deal of stress" so they dismissed my complaint. I\'m requesting a review of that decision. I\'d like to know how Marty sobbing to me in my counseling sessions "clearly" shows that his intent was to support ME. Fucking ridiculous. I feel like telling that cow to sit on Marty\'s lap and suck his thumb, and then tell me if she thinks that would help a suicidal kid get better."

Perhaps this sums up how CPS aided in the cover-up that ensued after the Fifth Estate program aired:
"Dr. Vause is hosting Chief of Police April 9 – will sit in rap, tour & lunch"

All of which goes to show just what a dry sense of humour our current Premier has:

"Thank you for your email regarding your experience with the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC).

I am very sorry to hear about your negative experiences with AARC, and that they have sued your partner and others who appeared on CBC’s The Fifth Estate. The Government of Alberta is aware of AARC and its treatment model and shares many of your concerns.
...Should you or your partner be aware of physical or psychological abuse committed at AARC, I urge you to contact the police.
Rachel Notley
Premier of Alberta"

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / What Could Go Wrong?
« Last post by ajax13 on December 02, 2018, 01:30:47 PM »
All About Receiving Cash has enjoyed a warm and supportive relationship with the American Society of Addictions Medicine.  As far back as 1993, ASAM's Ray Baker was working with perpetually conflicted Kon shill Diane Mirosh to defraud the taxpayers of Alberta on behalf of AARC:

"Dr. Ray Baker, B.Sc., M.D., CCFP, Certified in Addiction Medicine, Director AMIR, University of British Columbia, in a letter to Diane Mirosh dated August 30, 1993. “I am writing to support a program in Alberta which may very well be one of the best models of treatment of substance use disorders in this whole country.  The program is AARC…I believe that this type of care is both cost effective and treatment effective, while at the same time achieving objectives sought after during this process of health care reform in our country, namely: early prevention and intervention in ambulatory patients by an interdisciplinary team offering community based care."

Now there are a couple of funny things about this sales pitch.  Firstly, the AARC model was simply a pared-down Seed /Straight/Kids thought reform program, right down to the Peer Counselors, Board members, the lobby group PRIDE and the imposter Dean Vause.  Secondly, the program had only been operating for a few months, with no evidence whatsoever to evaluate it's effectiveness.  At that time the Wiz hadn't even finished his "what I did last summer" story for Union to get his special PhD paper.

Fast forward to 2009, and All About Receiving Cash is looking for guidance in their cover-up strategy to Dr. Raju Hajela, also a fellow of ASAM:
"John Lojek to interview Patton or develop interview strategy Talk to Dr. Goretsky, Peter, Natalie about the study. Dr. Hajela?"

Word is that AARC was paying to send clients down to George Talbott's torture facility in Atlanta.  Talbott was the founder of ASAM.  Certainly All About Receiving Cash shares the curiously high suicide rate of former subjects with Dr. Talbott's operations.
"Many observers have noted the take-no-prisoners approach of Talbott and his staff (including his daughter-in-law, Dr. Martha Morrison, who attempted suicide when she entered Talbott's program but who survived after the belt she used broke!).
...In May, 1999, just after Talbott stepped down as president of ASAM, a jury awarded Dr. Leonard Masters, of Jacksonville Florida, a judgment of $1.3 million against Talbott, his daughter-in-law Morrison, and other Talbott associates for malpractice, fraud, and false imprisonment, based on Masters' stay with Talbott in 1994."

ASAM provids the pseudoscientific "addictions" nonsense to the private Palix initiative to propagandize Albertans with ASAM's phoney "Disease Model".

What in the world could possibly lead any informed person in this province to follow the lead of the Empire's failed drug warriors?
"U.S. Has Highest Levels of Illegal Drug Use
Drug Use Increasing Worldwide, Survey Finds"

The answer seems to be 500 000 people with previous "substance use disorder" evidence who can be treated as life-long sufferers of a chronic disease in rehab programs and who can be subjected to lucrative tests.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Idiocracy
« Last post by ajax13 on November 29, 2018, 08:32:48 PM »
Back in '93, when All About Receiving Cash had just changed it's name from Kids of the Canadian West, Kon politicians had already begun whoring themselves out to the sect.  Diane Mirosh commenced to begging for money for the quack faith-based behaviour modification program within weeks of the first rap rituals being held on Forge Road.  At that time even the Kons themselves had enough sense to refuse to hand money to these scoundrels:

"We do not fund community
residential programs out of the Health Care Insurance Fund but
certainly will fund physician-based, acute care programs whether
they are within Alberta or outside of Alberta."
March 24, 1992 Alberta Hansard 

Fast forward to 2015, and we get this band of the damned:
"The Alberta Mental Health Committee
Dr. David Swann, Liberal leader and MLA for Calgary-Mountain View, Co-Chair
Danielle Larivee, Minister of Municipal Affairs and MLA for Lesser Slave Lake, Co-Chair1
Tyler White, CEO of Siksika Health Services, Committee Member
Heather Sweet, MLA for Edmonton Manning, Committee Member"

...who sell us this massive load of bullshit:
"Addiction: An inability to consistently abstain; impairment in behavioral control; craving, diminished recognition of significant
problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships; and a dysfunctional emotional response."

...which comes from these dipshits:

...who get the idea from this creepy lot of scoundrels:

...which leads to this sort of emotional clap-trap:
"I have reviewed the material you sent and have certainly concerns about the policies and procedures at AARC which I am now pursuing. I will be discussing it with various people in the addictions/mental health field so I have not ignored this new information.
I also have several people in my immediate circle who believe their child's life was hanging by a thread and was saved. This is not a 'black and white' issue."
Dr. David Swann

...all the while, we knew this over twenty-five years ago:
"Addiction does not meet the criteria specified for a core disease entity, namely the presence of a primary measurable deviation from physiologic or anatomical norm.2 Addiction is self-acquired and is not transmissible, contagious, autoimmune, hereditary, degenerative or traumatic. Treatment consists of little more than stopping a given behaviour."

...and the Alberta Government and it's "advisors" are all set to bundle us all onto this crazy train:
"Above all, the unscientific approaches private clinics use to peg their success rates make us believe that these places sell false hope."
Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Danger, Danger Bart Simpson!
« Last post by ajax13 on November 29, 2018, 01:03:25 PM »
This document spells out very clearly the unfortunate relationship between the University of Calgary, the Palix Foundation, the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, Hazelden, the LDS and All About Receiving Cash.

Nice to see notorious Hazelden fraud Ken Winters is keeping up his friendship with the Calgary thought reform community.  Also touching is the fact that AARC continues to be the focus of the academic work of AARC sect members.  Unique indeed!
News Items / Re: 17 yr. old dead at Newport Behavioral Health Center
« Last post by Anorexic Cokehead on November 28, 2018, 09:26:16 AM »

Raven Nichole Keffer, 17, was lying on a couch at Newport News Behavioral Health Center, sick and unable to walk, on the afternoon of June 29.

Video surveillance detailed in a recently released state report showed a registered nurse and another patient got Keffer onto her feet at one point to walk to a nurse practitioner. The nurse then walked off, leaving Keffer leaning on the other patient until she fell to the floor.
Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Welcome to the Third World
« Last post by ajax13 on November 27, 2018, 12:20:54 PM »

Nine years after suing Christine Lunn for revealing the abusive and bizarre experiences suffered at the hands of the All About Receiving Cash sect's thought reform program, the criminal sect continues to put on a Cirque de Soleil-calibre show of cronyism in action.

Yet another Case Management judge has been appointed, the esteemed Nancy Dilts.  This lady is the former counsel for former AARC board member Dennis Feuchuk's Parallel Energy Trust.  Feuchuk, in addition to being an AARC sect member/parent, also employed AARC frenzy-killer Andy Evans' mother.  Evans' father was AARC's accountant, and has a full understanding of AARC's relationship to it's super-cool donors.

Les Peres Feuchuk and Evans were great pals outside of All About Receiving Cash as well:

I guess Tyndale was unavailable.
Addiction Treatment Philosophy / Ghostbusters
« Last post by ajax13 on November 26, 2018, 01:03:59 PM »
"Addiction does not meet the criteria specified for a core disease entity, namely the presence of a primary measurable deviation from physiologic or anatomical norm.2 Addiction is self-acquired and is not transmissible, contagious, autoimmune, hereditary, degenerative or traumatic. Treatment consists of little more than stopping a given behaviour. True diseases worsen if left untreated."
Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Great Success!
« Last post by ajax13 on November 26, 2018, 11:37:36 AM »

Yet again, CBC offers a platform to sell All About Receiving Cash.  This article offers up yet another dead graduate whose family loves All About Receiving Cash and uses his obit to beg for money for the sect, which, from what I understand, has millions of dollars in assets stowed away. 

This however, is by far the kookiest statement I have ever heard come out of any 12-stepper or AARColyte:

"Like other parents in the documentary, they are also calling for decriminalization of illicit drugs based on an understanding that addiction is a chronic relapsing disease that makes people more vulnerable to overdose after they've been in treatment."

So basically, sending your kid to AARC is more likely to result in death, but it's vital that more resources go to treatment.  I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

High five, CBC.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: And the Bodies Keep Piling Up
« Last post by ajax13 on November 26, 2018, 11:02:56 AM »
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