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Daytop Village / Re: RIP, Inculcated
« Last post by SEKTO on June 20, 2017, 01:47:42 PM »
'The light climbed on out of the valley, and as it went, the tops
of the mountains seemed to blaze with increasing brightness.
Lennie said softly, "I di'n't forget, you bet, God damn. Hide in the
brush an' wait for George." He pulled his hat down low over his
eyes. "George gonna give me hell," he said. "George gonna wish he
was alone an' not have me botherin' him." He turned his head and
looked at the bright mountain tops. "I can go right off there an' find
a cave," he said. And he continued sadly, "-an' never have no ketchupbut
I won't care. If George don't want me... I'll go away. I'll go
And then from out of Lennie's head there came a little fat old
woman. She wore thick bull's-eye glasses and she wore a huge gingham
apron with pockets, and she was starched and clean. She stood in front
of Lennie and put her hands on her hips, and she frowned
disapprovingly at him.
And when she spoke, it was in Lennie's voice. "I tol' you an' tol'
you," she said. "I tol' you, 'Min' George because he's such a nice
fella an' good to you.' But you don't never take no care. You do bad
And Lennie answered her, "I tried, Aunt Clara, ma'am. I tried and
tried. I couldn't help it."
"You never give a thought to George," she went on in Lennie's voice.
"He been doin' nice things for you alla time. When he got a piece of
pie you always got half or more'n half. An' if they was any ketchup,
why he'd give it all to you."
"I know," said Lennie miserably. "I tried, Aunt Clara, ma'am. I
tried and tried."
She interrupted him. "All the time he coulda had such a good time if
it wasn't for you. He woulda took his pay an' raised hell in a whore
house, and he coulda set in a pool room an' played snooker. But he got
to take care of you."
Lennie moaned with grief. "I know, Aunt Clara, ma'am. I'll go
right off in the hills an' I'll fin' a cave an' I'll live there so I
won't be no more trouble to George."
"You jus' say that," she said sharply. "You're always sayin' that,
an' you know sonofabitching well you ain't never gonna do it. You'll
jus' stick around an' stew the b'Jesus outa George all the time."
Lennie said, "I might jus' as well go away. George ain't gonna let
me tend no rabbits now."
Aunt Clara was gone, and from out of Lennie's head there came a
gigantic rabbit. It sat on its haunches in front of him, and it
waggled its ears and crinkled its nose at him. And it spoke in
Lennie's voice too.
"Tend rabbits," it said scornfully. "You crazy bastard. You ain't
fit to lick the boots of no rabbit. You'd forget 'em and let 'em go
hungry. That's what you'd do. An' then what would George think?"
"I would not forget," Lennie said loudly.
"The hell you wouldn'," said the rabbit. "You ain't worth a
greased jack-pin to ram you into hell. Christ knows George done
ever'thing he could to jack you outa the sewer, but it don't do no
good. If you think George gonna let you tend rabbits, you're even
crazier'n usual. He ain't. He's gonna beat hell outa you with a stick,
that's what he's gonna do."
Now Lennie retorted belligerently, "He ain't neither. George won't
do nothing like that. I've knew George since- I forget when- and he
ain't never raised his han' to me with a stick. He's nice to me. He
ain't gonna be mean."
"Well, he's sick of you," said the rabbit. "He's gonna beat hell
outa you an' then go away an' leave you."
"He won't," Lennie cried frantically. "He won't do nothing like
that. I know George. Me an' him travels together."
But the rabbit repeated softly over and over, "He gonna leave you,
ya crazy bastard. He gonna leave ya all alone. He gonna leave ya,
crazy bastard."
Lennie put his hands over his ears. "He ain't, I tell ya he
ain't." And he cried, "Oh! George- George- George!"
George came quietly out of the brush and the rabbit scuttled back
into Lennie's brain.
George said quietly, "What the hell you yellin' about?"
Lennie got up on his knees. "You ain't gonna leave me, are ya,
George? I know you ain't."
George came stiffly near and sat down beside him. "No."
"I knowed it," Lennie cried. "You ain't that kind."'

--From "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck
Daytop Village / Re: RIP, Inculcated
« Last post by SEKTO on June 20, 2017, 12:56:01 PM »
PS: Inculcated's friend "Jose" told me that Medea did not go to her own daughter's funeral, and that she originally instructed the funeral home to dump the cremains out with that of the indigent and etc.  The cremains went to another family member (one other than Medea).
She did not go to the funeral, but she did go to the memorial.  That's not right.
Daytop Village / Re: RIP, Inculcated
« Last post by SEKTO on June 20, 2017, 12:36:28 PM »
One has to take a LOT of benzos in order to die from an overdose, and she did not drink much (at least, that is hat she always told me), so the possibility of it being some fatal drug combination accidentally that killed her is small.  Something does not quite add up here.  Regardless, she is gone.  And nothing will bring her back.  Most of this information is ultimately coming from her mother, anyway, and so has to be taken with a big grain of salt (publicly admitting that your kid killed herself is potentially embarrassing).
Daytop Village / Re: RIP, Inculcated
« Last post by Eliscu2 on June 20, 2017, 01:05:53 AM »
I bet she was just really sad on the anniversary of Angela's death and took a few too many benzos. I will miss her forever. I believe she is in a better place. :o
Open Free for All / Re: Hi.
« Last post by psy on June 19, 2017, 06:41:58 PM »
Ok. Thanks for answering. If you really are interested, volunteer to do research gruntwork for Marshall like I suggested. That's probably the more productive thing to do even if you don't get why now. He needs help with a project. Otherwise there isn't much that I know of going on. You could try more active forums like Reddit Troubled Teens.
Open Free for All / Conrad Roy III's treatment program
« Last post by Oscar on June 18, 2017, 04:29:59 AM »
In relationship with the controversial ruling related to the suicide of Conrad Roy III, the articles mention that the deceased young man had been in a treatment program around 2012.

I have to ask if someone researched this treatment program as it could have been the factor behind his repeated suicide attempts.
Open Free for All / Re: Hi.
« Last post by 204 on June 14, 2017, 07:50:21 PM »
Right now, I'm just looking for someone who feels as strongly as I do about this. Someone who'd be willing to do just about anything to safeguard the future of humanity. That's all kids are, right? The Future. Right now they're being systematically rounded up, tortured and mutilated. ....I'm not going to continue wasting any more time trying to fix the problem by doing what hasn't worked for decades. This has been a problem since the fucking fifties. High past time that things should change. Tell that to a politician though and they get all squirmy because it's someone's private "business".
Open Free for All / Re: Hi.
« Last post by 204 on June 14, 2017, 07:42:44 PM »
I'm not the best speller in the world. There's more than one Capitol Hill by the way. Also called "The Hill", it refers to the Capitol Building where legislative action is taken. All states have a capitol and all states have a capitol building. I was essentially just a lobbyist donating money, shaking hands, giving speeches, and hosting reception parties to get more close with the state legislature in a setting where we can discuss business in more detail because during the appointments in the capitol building itself, I had to keep speeches within a three minute window; they were pretty anal about that and what I had to say just couldn't be summed up in three minutes.

I also passed out over twenty copies of Help At Any Cost to policy makers. I didn't make anything up as you assumed I did. What's my agenda? I thought that was obvious: I want to stop the abusive troubled teen industry. Got a problem with that? O.o

Anyhoo...yeah; I've tried just about every legal option I can. It's done nothing but waste my time and money and makes me feel genuinely sick to my stomach that there's so much pushback against change in this area, "on the Hill".
Daytop Village / Re: RIP, Inculcated
« Last post by SEKTO on June 13, 2017, 07:44:18 AM »
Her official cause of death was overdose of prescription benzodiazepine medications; whether this was purposeful or accidental will likely never be known by anyone.   The police were called in on a wellness check after she'd not been to work in a couple of days, forced open the door, and found her body on the floor next to her bed.  Only prescription meds were found in her place of residence.  There was no suicide note, there were no signs of self-injury nor foul play, and no illegal drugs or weapons were found in her place of residence when her corpse was recovered (two full days after she left her body, it is estimated by the ME).  RIP. 

Feelin' Alright?

"Seems I've got to have a change of scene
'Cause every night I have the strangest dreams
Imprisoned by the way it could have been
Left here on my own or so it seems
I've got to leave before I start to scream
But someone's locked the door and took the key
You feelin' alright
I'm not feelin' too good myself
Well, you feelin' alright
I'm not feelin' too good myself (oh yeah)
Well, you sure took me for one big ride
And even now I sit and wonder why
That when I think of you I start to cry
I just can't waste my time, I must keep dry
Gotta stop believin' in all your lies
'Cause there's too much to do before I die
You feelin' alright
I'm not feelin' too good myself
Well, you feelin' alright
I'm not feelin' too good myself (oh yeah)
Don't get too lost in all I say
Though at the time I really felt that way
But that was then, now it's today
I can't get off yet so I'm here to stay
Till someone comes along and takes my place
With a different name and, yes, a different face
You feelin' alright
I'm not feelin' too good myself
Well, you feelin' alright
I'm not feelin' too good myself (oh)
You feelin' alright
I'm not feelin' too good myself
You feelin' alright
I'm not feelin' too good myself (I'm not feeling too good, too good, too good)
You feelin' alright
I'm not feelin' too good myself (oh)
You feelin' alright
Oh I hope you're feeling alright
Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright..."

--Dave Mason
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