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I will repeatedly share this...we face the same for our children.  Our Documentary is in the making, filming has started.  May the Creator guide us all, for the generations of children yet to come.

Victims of Kentucky Boys Camps on
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is available - The film is excellent -the message of the film is powerful. This film is a direct indictment against the unregulated insidious abusive "troubled Teen industry" that exists in todays day and age - we mention other programs in our film. It is very professionally done - I believe survivors of any program  will be pleasantly surprised, please share and support our film.

Thank you all and many blessing to all. 
 It can be purchased here.
The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Victims of Kentucky Boys Camps
« Last post by Victims of Kentucky Boys Camps on January 11, 2018, 12:21:18 PM »
PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO SITE and Share if you would be so kind, thank you !
The Troubled Teen Industry / Feedback from parents and teenagers
« Last post by Oscar on January 10, 2018, 01:08:28 PM »
I found some reviews on Yelp about Liahona Academy near Virgin. Here they are:

Quote from: Perri A.
I sent my son here. The problem that I had with this facility is that the mental health help is not very good. The kids that are sent here deserve so much more. Even though I paid a huge amount of money for his care, they try to get away with the very least possible.  Don't send your troubled teen here until you do lots and lots of homework. Ask lots of questions and keep them on their toes. I trusted them too much. My son wasn't physically harmed here, but he wasn't helped in the way I'd hoped

Quote from: Anna P.
I sent my son here and it was a mistake. Most, if not about all, of the staff are not professionally trained to handle at-risk youth. In fact, many of the staff are not great role models that put 100% into this academy. And they should because the cost is around $6,500 a month. For  that price the youth should be getting top-notch counseling and a very good selection of knowledgeable teachers.  The teachers are mostly cranky, old  women from the neighboring area that come in just a few times a week.  My child could never get any math help because there were always too many others that needed assistance and there was only one teacher for the subject.  The owner is virtually absent most of the time. I can't say all, but most of the the workers at Liahona have a responsibility that they are shirking by not giving their 100% and striving to make a real difference in the lives of these youth. These are all lost opportunities. Parents, my advice is to try to get your child some help closer to home where you aren't forced to give up guardianship. See counselors in your area. Get your child in a place where you can better monitor what is going on.

Quote from: Paul D.
Sending my son to Liahona was the worst mistake of my life.  He went there for a year and nine months.  He got out 6 months ago and is much worse than ever before.  A boy that roomed with him at Liahona calls and says that he along with four other boys have all relapsed just as before Liahona.  In the last 6 months since my son got out of Liahona, he nearly died twice from heroin overdose, became a convicted felon and is now a homeless heroin addict.  My son was much better before I took him to Liahona. 
The staff at Liahona are like wolfs in sheeps clothing.  They want money and your son's interest is irrelevant.

Quote from: Ryan G.
It's my moral obligation to inform parents of the abuse. After suffering from clinical depression and being diagnosed as having a true chemical imbalance I can tell you The actions takin at this school only worsened my condition. After attempting suicide while in attendance and being beaten by Parker Haslam (on multiple occasions) I was told by Parker himself that I should kill myself, But I wouldn't be able to because I was so selfish. Every cry for help was called manipulation by the staff and this facility left me with trauma that still creeps up till this day. I'm a grown man now, I've had real phsychological help from a therapist who actually addresses my issues including the trauma I received from the mental/physical  abuse at liahona. I'm happy and have found joy in life again thanks to God and the love of my family. I just have to speak my peace about the abuses here and both me and my mother regret ever deciding to attend this program.

Quote from: Teen A.
First of all, I used to be a resident at Liahona Academy. I stayed until I graduated. Liahona Academy is a terrible place.

The therapy side is really twisted. They even tell you how they are breaking you down. First, taking your identity. Any personal items are gone, and your head is shaved. Now you have the same shirts and shorts as everybody. Then you sleep in the common room with the lights on your first night. Your first group is when they welcome your to the Liahona zoo. They trick you into thinking they are taking you to a local zoo, but then end up making you act like an animal until they can get a good laugh. I remember when they made an obese kid act like a walrus, and they dragged it on. Some amusement at the expense of a teen who just went through getting kidnapped, had to strip in his underwear in front of a staff to check for weapons, had his head shaved, and now 40 of your peers are laughing at you, because they did it too, and they got laughed at too. Brutal tearing down of your personality. Repression of expression. Lack of a change in incoming stimuli from your environment puts your brain into a susceptable place to be manipulated.

Behavior modification, your probably thinking this is just a little therapy and making you follow rules. The form of discipline they use are essays. The worse the rule you break the more words your essay has to have. they go from 300 to 3500. If you get 1200 or more words of essays in a week then you get on there worst discipline which is called work crew. And its called crew because there's rarley just one or no people on it. Its a crew of the twice-removed society "troublemakers or rulebreakers" Your on an entirely new program on work crew. When your on work crew you sit and stare at a wall all day unless you are outside running an indefinite amount of laps. Until they feel like saying stop.

It was impossible to cry for help there, we were brainwashed and they decided whether to send your weekly letter or not. We had raw chicken for dinner on Halloween of 2008. A year where time goes so slow and hell never ceases, will draw out depression for the rest of my life. Please do not send your child there.

Re: Justice for Phil Williams?
Reply #9 on: February 22, 2017, 07:42:12 PM

 No- ( it does exist no oops about it) this is the page and what was written  in the paper, to continue with seeking justice for Phil Williams.
5 eyeball plus witnesses to what happened to Phil Williams Jr results in insufficient evidence- in my opinion the state of Maine has a severe conflict of interest/ and or the generational corruption that Joe Ricci cultivated starting with the  criminal/false  ruling in a house fire that was started by a resident. 1973 Joe Ricci  got the Standish Fire Marshal to  state the cause as being  electrical in nature - instead of Arson - so Ricci could collect the insurance monies. That is when and how long this imo "generational corruption" has been protecting the Elan legacy.

Insufficient evidence my right eye - it good to see  34 years after, this young mans death,  in my opinion,  that   this sick state wide corrupt protection is still in good working order - protecting imo a criminal organization- Elan  long after it was forced to close in 2011.

The article in its entirety is posted below.     

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No charges in 1982 death of Elan student
By Lindsay Tice and Kathryn Skelton, Staff Writers
Published on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017 at 8:08 pm | Last updated on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017 at 8:08 pm
LEWISTON After a nearly yearlong investigation by state police, the Maine Attorney General's Office has announced no one will be charged in the 1982 death of a local teenager while he was a student at the Elan School in Poland.
AG spokesman Tim Feeley said Tuesday that there was "insufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution."
He said an assistant attorney general, victim advocate and state police detective met last week with Phil Williams Jr.'s family to explain the investigation and the decision. Feeley declined to comment further.
Pam Williams, Phil's sister, said the family wasn't yet ready to talk about the state's decision.
Phil was 15 when, witnesses say, he was beaten by other students in the Poland school's infamous boxing ring because he'd complained of a headache. Phil later collapsed, turned blue and was taken away by staff. He died a day later.
His sister was 12 and in foster care at the time. She was told her brother died of a freak brain aneurysm. That's what the family had believed until last spring, when a stranger from Chicago showed up with Phil's curious, partially incomplete death certificate and the names of witnesses to his fight.
She told her story to the Sun Journal in March.
Within weeks, Maine State Police launched an investigation into Phil's death. Lt. Brian McDonough, head of the Southern Maine Major Crimes Unit, called it a "priority."
Founded by psychiatrist Gerald Davidson and businessman Joe Ricci, Elan operated from 1970 to 2011 as a private boarding school that catered mostly to troubled teenagers. Some of Elan's controversial tactics included ordering students to fight in a "ring" made up of other kids. It's one of the tactics to be featured in a New York filmmaker's upcoming documentary set to premiere in Maine in late April.
Davidson died in 1991 and Ricci died in 2001. After Ricci's death, the school was run by Ricci's wife, Sharon Terry, until it closed its doors in 2011.
Terry's attorney, Portland lawyer Ed MacColl, said Tuesday that Terry "was pleased to cooperate with the investigation" but he couldn't comment further.
Mark Babitz, the Chicago stranger who brought Phil's death certificate and witness statements to the family, said he was angry that no one would be charged in Phil's death but not surprised.
"I've got four witnesses that said it happened; what, are they lying? Why would they all lie?" he said Tuesday.
Babitz, a former Elan student who co-founded Elan Survivors Inc., is trying to organize a $50 million civil suit against the state of Maine on behalf of former students and residents.
"Elan Survivors Inc. is by far not done with Phil Williams," Babitz said. "He is our new poster child now for neglect in the state of Maine."
Pam Williams holds a photo of her teenage brother, Phil Williams Jr., last March. Phil died in 1982 while he was a student at the Elan School in Poland. After investigating for nearly a year, state police told the Williams family last week that there is not enough evidence to charge anyone in Phil's death.
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- Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Facility Question and Answers / Re: Agape
« Last post by Oscar on January 10, 2018, 05:32:42 AM »
There are also testimonies online now:

Mike's testimony (Tales from the black school)

Facility Question and Answers / Arrest of family member of the manager
« Last post by Oscar on January 10, 2018, 05:14:40 AM »
We do not know if the case is related to the academy:

Court Reports (December 20, 2017 - Cedar Republican)

Quote from: Cedar Republican
Jareth Clemensen, Stockton, two counts of first-degree child molestation, class A felony; and two counts of second-degree child molestation, aggravated sexual offense with child less than 17 years of age and offender is more than four years older, class B felony, hearing scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017,in Cedar County and a case management conference scheduled for 1 p.m. Friday Jan. 5, 2018 in Dade County.
The Troubled Teen Industry / Victims of Kentucky Boys Camps
« Last post by Victims of Kentucky Boys Camps on January 05, 2018, 02:45:58 PM »
CHILD ABUSE AND DEATH. TORTURE. SADISTIC STAFF. TORTURE TECHNIQUES. EXCRUCIATING PAIN. CORRUPTION. DECEIT. BRAIN WASHING. MURDER AND ABUSE COVER UPS. MENTAL & PHYSICAL ANGUISH. This is what our site is all about. It's about the ruined lives of many young teens, that got abused, rather then helped, by sadistic adults, that could of helped, but rather, enjoyed torturing young people because they could, and they liked their job! I was there. I witnessed so much pain, pure torture, that no human being should ever have to experience! To scream out in pain, and no one cares! When you're pushed beyond what you can physically or mentally endure, yet, they do not stop! They continue! You feel as if you're in a horrible nightmare, and any moment you'll wake up, but it's not a bad dream, its reality! There is no way to stop them. There is no one to yell to for help. They are all against you, and you begin to wonder if you'll live through it. Like an abscessed tooth that causes mind bending pain, that without some kind of pain reliever, you just couldn't handle it. This was the way hundreds were treated in the many camps through out Kentucky. It is time to hold these adults, and the state, responsible for all they have done! Our site is to bring awareness to all that happened in these camps. It's been hidden for years. Cover ups, secrecy, lies, and corruption. I know there are hundreds, possibly thousands of abused people that have been mistreated during their stays at any of Kentucky's camps.

We have men coming forward who as children in these camps were subject to RAPE BY EMPLOYEES AND JUDGES WHO PUT THEM IN THE CAMPS,  Some where subject to  MADE TO STAND IN RAW SEWAGE AND SCOOP OUT THE FOUL MATERIAL TO CLEAN THE SEWER OR THEY WERE HELD UPSIDE DOWN INTO THE SEWER TO SCRUB ITS WALLS WHILE PUKING VIOLENTLY!  Made to wear multiple layers of heavy clothing while scrubbing floors in front of raging fireplace until you passed out, only to be revived to be made to continue to scrub again.  Made to scrub floors from a bent over standing position, with two people hold your knees locked, two pushing your back down towards floor, on each shoulder pushing down, on each arm pulling your arm down while making you hold scrub brushes to the floor scrubbing till the bristles were gone...only to hand you new ones to continue, passing out from the pain, just to be revived to continue.

 These horrible practices have been going on for decades and swept under the rug. We plan to change that. If you or someone you know suffered abuse while in one of Kentucky's Juvenile Detention Facilities...

Mayfield Boys Treatment Center
Owensboro Treatment Center
Green River Boys Camp
Northern Kentucky Treatment Center
Lincoln Village Treatment Center
Lake Cumberland Boys Camp
Cardnal Treatment Center
Central Kentucky Treatment Center
Morehead Treatment Center
KCH Rice-Audubon Treatment Center
Johnson-Breckinridge Treatment Center
Woodsbend Boys Camp/Youth Development Center
Blue Grass Treatment Center
Ramey Estep Home
or any other unmentioned...

News Items / Re: DHS confirms another child death at Diamond Ranch Academy
« Last post by Oscar on January 02, 2018, 09:39:05 AM »
From this article: The Troubled Teen Industry: The Politics of Abuse Within Therapeutic Boarding Schools (Medium)

Quote from: Medium
While Beckler was enrolled in Diamond Ranch Academy a student named Jake Spencer hanged himself. I remember that an ambulance came and everyone was put on lockdown and forced to stay in their rooms. The showers were closed for three days and when we were finally allowed to shower again they had installed collapsible shower rods so no one else could hang themselves. Beckler never received counseling to cope with the death of his classmate.
Not all adults do make good parents, that's for sure.

What exactly does it say about SCL? Could you scan the page or pages you are referring to?
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