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Concerned for my old friends
« on: October 12, 2002, 09:04:00 PM »
Hi, my name is Michele D. and I graduated Northeast High (St. Pete) in '79 and Meadowlawn Jr. High in '75.  

I happened upon this site totally by accident and spent 4 hours last night reading this message board.  Needless to say, it has left me very disturbed.
I knew that The Seed/Straight were very tough and regimented programs, somewhat like the boot camps of today.  I also recall seeing a documentary on Straight some years ago that showed just how strict the treatment was.  But, I had no idea of the abuse and loss of identity and self-esteem.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who survived, but are left scarred by your experience.

I had two friends and one acquaintance who were sent to The Seed/Straight at different times and under different circumstances.  When they emerged from those programs, like so many have posted here, they were no longer my friends (their choice, not mine).  
I was no risk.  I never touched drugs or drink in my teens, and all these years I still don't understand why our friendships had to be broken.

Anyway, the reason I am posting is to wish all of you the best. and also out of concern for my former friends.  I'm wondering if anyone here has heard of them or knows how their lives have gone.
I see that last names of "clients" aren't used here, so I'll describe them as best I can.

The first was Kim V. and her father was police chief of St. Pete.  Ironic huh?  Anyway, we were friends and as far as I knew she wasn't into anything as far as drugs or alcohol.  She disappeared from Meadowlawn Jr. High sometime AROUND '74 and when she emerged, she was a zombie who no longer would speak to me.  Her parents later transfered her to a private school.  I remember something about her being found in a drainage pipe hiding.  I can't recall if this was an escape attempt or if she had run away from home and it led to her being admitted.  

The second was Steve H..  He lived in Shore Acres and smoked a little pot and drank beer that I know of, but was in no way out of control.  He truly was a thoughtful, intelligent kid.  He went to Northeast in 9th grade '75-'76, then went to The Seed, and finished high school at St. Pete High.  Again, our friendship was lost in the name of rehabilitation.  About 10 years ago I heard he was living in San Antonio, but that was all that was known.

The last (more of an acquaintance) was David C.  He lived in the Tanglewood area of Shore Acres, and had an older brother who abused drugs.  His parents sent both of them to Straight even though David was not into anything more than the occasional joint.  I can't remember the older brother's name, but he went to Northeast, and David went to St. Pete Christian school.  David would have been in the program around '76.

Anywho...I'm sorry to make this such a long post, but after reading your stories, I truly am concerned and wondering what ever became of these people.  
I feel so sorry that my anger for the loss of my friends was directed at my friends and not the program

Thank you.
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Concerned for my old friends
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2002, 08:50:00 PM »
Hey buddy,
  Wow, thanks for reading and posting. Really, don't dunn yourself. We were all kids and those of us in the cult were trained and required to be total assholes to those of you lucky enough to dodge that bullet. I can tell you that I, at least, was extremely jealous of you. And I suspect a lot of others were too.

  I hope you catch up with your friends. Glad if any of this info has helped you to understand wtf happened.
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