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New testimonial blog with many stories from a lot of boarding schools


Ever wonder how it is to be sent to a program - wilderness program, boarding school or a boot camp?

Here is what former students says:

Dark memories from the past (Over-blog)

The blog managers want more testimonies. If you were at a program, please make your testimony as a comment to this thread.

Matt C. Hoffman:
I sent the " site managers " an email with information that might assist - have not heard a peep back.


I will try to reach out to them. I have some e-mail addresses lying around (Even in these GDPR times)

Matt C. Hoffman:
I have no idea what gdpr times be - though I still haven't heard a peep back - so maybe u givem my email addy Oscar - instead of having to rummaging on my account. Hey if you haven't seen the Florida Fight Clubs that went on recently during  Governor Rick Scotts watch - Heck  I will post it here- last year not 2012 , febuary of 2017.

Love those current articles - as sick as they be.


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