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New Skakel trial likely to call expert to testify about Elan

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mess with a state witness and you'll land in jail. That's not fornits, it's real life

I've narrowed the list down to Lee Goldman with the Heal faxes. She's a snake

Lee will now commit suicide and it's all your fault

She is a little girl and a sweet little blossom and you've now pushed her to the window ledge


You murderous bastards

Matt C. Hoffman:
Yeh I never thought Skakel was guilty - just by the words that he alledgedly uttered to make the beatings stop. And then of course all the other witnesses who heard those words, had no idea they were being manipulated by the directors who were running that inquisition.   the alledged confession of Yeh maybe I did -I don't know ,I don't remember uttered just to make the beatings stop hardly seems to be, at least to me an admisson of Yes I killed Martha Moxley.

Sure the children and adults that were witnessing this horrific beat down and insane interogation of the most coercive - yeh I wasn't there but my god folks I saw many a twisted elan confrontational no win for the accused game played  during my time  at Elan , so  yes I can imagine what Mike went thru . Hell they use to keep the house up past 11:00 pm until some one confessed to a certain deed . I mean hours past ,they (ricci and directors ,Kruglik ,gottlieb and MCCann) loved the sleep deprivation aspect of their sadistic torture cult  amongst all the other little toys that they had in their sadistic tool box of pain  that was elan. Any way I digress.

So to reinforce the alleged confession  for the ones witnessing this debacle -it goes from maybe ,I don't know , I don't remember to a sign that Mike had to wear - confront me as to why I killed my ....oh jeez those directors and Ricci just pushed the train right on down the tracks. Yet what kills me is if they actually believed any truth to his confession -Ricci or the directors is why didn't they go to the cops right then and there. did they really believe that his coerced confession was true , shoot a blind man could answer that.

So all those kids grow up into fine outstanding humanbeings and then one day some one calls them up and asks -like Frank Garr hey so and so  were you in Elan with Mike Skakel and did you witness him confessing to killing Martha Moxley - oh the cobwebs get brushed away and the stars come out at night and yes the Elaian says yeh as a matter of fact I remember something like that why yes indeed hell they made him weaqr a sign oh what was it oh Yeh confront me why I killed my neighbor.

Ah yes the manipulations of the Directors as they railroaded that kid Mike into confessing to nothing- into well he did it  cause look we got him wearing a sign . now for the out sider who never experienced Elan -they would not know that all the kids who witnessed Mike get the living daylights beaten out of him were also in this high pressured ruled by fear and the Directors were gods in their eyes , (hell Kenny Zaretzky was quoted as saying that  he believed Ricci was a God) in that  Hell hole and in fact they did believe everything that Ricci and the Directors said because they were also the ones who  doled out the favoritisms of goodness.

Hell I never knew that a coerced and violently coerced interrogation by non professionals ,whose only qualifacations were  that they were trained in the art of the Synanon game but they had upped the ante  of the game because this wasn't Synanon this was elan and it had many brutal sadistic tools of compliance , in their sadistic toolbox. And by gosh this was elan and they could get away with murder - thats another story, and again I digress. Still I thought and  believed that any confession brought out or found  by torture and sadistic coercive techniques was inadmissable in a court of law. Maybe this really isn't the USA mybe it is Pakistan.  Yes  wonders will never cease and like they said in elan "the reality is there is no reality "  

Why didn't Mickey Sherman  press these  issues . Why didn't he take my phone calls . When I talked to Frank Garr it seemed  that he didn't care to hear what I had to say about elan and the fact that I didn't  think Mike Skakel did it because of .... another person who came into the house late at night on 10-31-1975 in very strange circunstances at the time. And yes I certainly do have my reasons. Frank Garr seemed to understand that I suffered untold abuse after I was captured after running away from that assault incident with Robert . Yeh I told Frank Garr all about that and he told me that no one was going to put me in prison for that and that he could only imagine what I went thru Funny thing about all of this with Mickey Sherman and Frank Garr attempts at telling my side of a story that no one seemed to want to hear - was  because they already had a suspect and Sherman just didn't want to do his job and defend Mike Skakel tat all costs .  the funny thing about all of this is that this all happened back in 2000.

Yes back in 2000 when I read Ricci's words that the Kennedy family had suffered enough tragedies and in reference to the Skakel indictment "let by gones be by gones" I went thru unmitigated changes of PTSD because of the I had tried to cognitively disassociate myself from because they were so painful , these  memories just flowed like some giant dam that had burst. All from hearing Joe Ricci's voice while I was reading his words.

Yeh I am much happier now and sure I have had to make friends with horrible meories from hell - I can talk about elan and the things I experienced and witnessed  with great acuity and thought - and in a very factual fashion ,with out all the emotional bagage that use to make me hide those memories from myself . Yes I have made friends with memories from hell and yes that was elan. and for some reason I have a memory that just works very well, lol.

Yeh outside of the alledged confession being brutally beaten out of him and those words that he uttered aren't really an admission -its more like an innocent young boy just trying to say what his sadistic  cultic captors want him  him to say to make the emotional and physical pains of the sick elan game and sadistic beatdowns  to stop.

Yeh I don't think Mike Skakel is guilty -but I have other reasons besides what I wrote above- yet no one in Mike Skakels defense seems to really care. And that has always really puzzeled me.I would take truth serum -lie detector tests ,and more truth serum.

I truly don't believe Mike Skakel is guilty and no one who could help mike Skakel really  gives a hoot, so it seems.

Matt C. Hoffman.

DannyB II:
I already know that you may rip my head off because I am responding to your post but I felt compelled because I do feel he is guilty and that they did get the right guy. I do feel sorry for him because his family knew he did it and they felt paralyzed to do anything. His father Rushton knew he did it which is why he hired a very prestigious firm to handle an investigation which would produce the Sutton File.  
The evidence that was used at trial had nothing to do with Mike being beaten into making a confession (I am not arguing the beating because I wasn't there) it had more to do with eye witness testimony from 2-3 people (ex-Elan residents) saying Mike confessed to the killing.
I also thought Mark Furman's book was compelling.
I was also brought before the grand jury (for proof I still have the subpoena) due to the fact that I did Mike's initial intake exam (which in reality was a question and answer session about the murder). I can still remember it, he laughed at every question and played games throughout the whole time we were in the conference room. I understood that he probably didn't take me seriously since we were both the same age, didn't come across as very intelligent nor like I knew what I was doing. But everyone who had picked me to do this interview already knew my lack of credentials but what they were banking on was that I could get a feel on where Mike was at. I feel I did and I came away with a strong gut feeling that Mike did commit this murder. I told this to Joe, to the Sutton Investigators and to Rushton Skakel himself. Did I have concrete proof hell no, Mike did not admit to the murder to me but then again IMO he did by his actions in that room that afternoon in August of 1978.
No I am not going to the trial, just as I didn't go to the one that convicted him. They tried to get me to go but I told them I have nothing to tell you because it is just my opinion, am I willing to put someone away for the rest of his life on just my opinion..NO. But I also don't feel sad that Mike is in prison either. Because in my heart of hearts I know he is GUILTY!
It took his wife less than a week to file divorce papers, get paid hush up money and move on. Shit what does that tell you?

Three liars. If they heard him admit to killing Martha, they would have gone to staff

I thinkTommy or this Avanango guy I read about did it



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