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Dr. Phil
« on: January 22, 2013, 01:04:57 PM »
Even though I HATE Dr. Phil tune in today!

Dr. Phil show Jan 22, 2013
Children Sent Away: Trapped and Tortured?

Twenty-four-year-old Marianne says her mom, Tami, ruined her life when, as a teen, she sent her to a therapeutic boarding school for 19 months — and her “nightmare” began. Marianne says life at the facility was horrible and claims she was abused by the staff — and that her mom did nothing to stop it. Despite her daughter’s experience, Tami stands by her decision and insists that the program saved Marianne’s life. After five years of not speaking, Marianne and Tami come face to face on Dr. Phil’s stage. Can they call a truce and work on rebuilding their relationship? Then, siblings Nick and Theresa say as teens they were abused at a residential treatment facility, where they felt trapped and tortured. Their mom, Leslie, says she was brainwashed into thinking her kids would die if she took them out of the program. How did they finally get out? Looking back, what would Leslie have done differently? And, can Nick and Theresa forgive their mother? Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s tips on what to look for when considering residential treatment centers or therapeutic schools.Film maker Nick Gaglia will be on the show.
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