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PLEASE HELP!!! Should I send my son to Hyde???

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Make no mistake, Hyde is about money NOT kids.  

I believe there are some good faculty members there with good intentions, but the bulk of the faculty members are in over their heads.  The biggest problem with the Hyde method is that they are simply not qualified to handle the emotional aspects of their "program".  They are not therapists.  They are not trained to deal with families in a group setting.  Imagine a young teacher, fresh out of college, trying to manage a group therapy session with some pretty dysfunctional families. It's just not a pretty picture.  THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO DO WHAT THE SCHOOL ASKS THEM TO DO.

So on to the money...
Hyde is now doing, like most desperate boarding schools, taking more foreign students.  These families have no idea what they are sending their kids into.  Hyde really is not the right school for them, but they have money. Lots of money.  So Hyde welcomes them with open arms, even though they can barely participate in what is so integral to the Hyde philosophy. They become their own separate entity within the school and don't really integrate or participate.  But they have money.  Lots of it.

It is sad to see a school, run by a greedy family, mostly idiots who care more about their faculty and staff's loyalty to the school than human decency, kindness, honesty, or integrity.  Look at who stays and who leaves.  Look at who gets fired. Look at who gets paid six figures.

Parenting experts.  What a load of shit.


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