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Re: Program Model I support
« Reply #15 on: October 25, 2010, 10:47:14 AM »
Quote from: "Oz girl"
I dont think most kids would pursue it if it got too hard without the stucture of a formal lesson which includes a required practice time. Also most people are not genius enough to properly teach themselves the correct technique to do something properly without some level of formal coaching. The other thing this model fails to take into account is that kids left to their own devices are not always little angels. Often bullying is at its worst when no adults intervene. Look at Lord of the Flies.

I see what you are saying, Oz girl,  there are plenty of role models on the campus and teachers who can help guide the children.  If there is a rule that states:  “No fishing in the pond”, then this would motivate a kid who wanted to fish to get involved in the process to get the rule changed.  If a child wants to play guitar all day it probably means he enjoys it and kids typically pursue what they enjoy.  He will want to write songs and will need to eventually study music to further his interest.
As far as bullying goes there are adults around which probably is enough to prevent the place from becoming like lord of the flies.
Part of the philosophy is once kids find an interest in something they learn very quickly.

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