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Ten-week Parent Project class pays off in interactions with teens
Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Can taking a class make you a better parent?  Graduates of the Parent Project of Wood County would answer " yes."

Over 100,000 families across the nation have completed the 10-week Parent Project class, whose aim is to help mothers and fathers help their adolescent children navigate the teen years. "The tougher it gets to be a kid, the tougher it gets to be a parent," the Parent Project acknowledges. The teen years are not easy for any family.  But where can parents with a troubled teen-one who may have behavior, school, and substance abuse problems - learn ways to help them get their lives back on track?

The Wood County Educational Service Center has offered the Parent Project since 2003.  With support from the Wood County Advisory Board, 220 parents have participated in the class. The course targets both parents and teens, with separate sessions for each.
Developed over 13 years, the project's curriculum presents a behavior-modification approach that teaches parents how to avoid arguments with their children.  It offers parents strategies for improving their teen's school attendance and performance and addressing drug and alcohol use.  Session topics include negative peer associations, teen depression, violence and bullying.  Perhaps most importantly, parents have an opportunity to share with other mothers and fathers who face similar challenges in the parenting process, and to realize they are not alone.
"This course does involve a time commitment", notes Lorrie Lewandowski, project coordinator.  "But according to graduates, the investment pays off when they see their teens' behavior and family relationships improve." Parents meet for three hours one night each week for six weeks, then two hours per night for four weeks. A separate but concurrent teen component: "Choosing Success.Choosing Life," helps youth to focus on the choices before them and explore other alternatives.
The next Parent Project class series is scheduled to start Sept. 30 at 5:30 p.m. at Rossford High School. Cost is $20 (cost of the workbook) for each parent attending.  If the parent attends all 10 sessions, the $20 fee is refunded. Teen sessions are free when parents enroll.

Parenting is the toughest job in the world; one that we all learn by doing.  The Parent Project offers some additional on-the-job training for anyone who needs it.  And that includes a lot of us!      
To register for The Parent Project or for more information, contact Lewandowski at the Wood County Educational Service Center, (419) 354-9010, extension 113.

(Christen Giblin of the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center is a community educator specializing in mental health issues.)

Just a thought, but maybe some Ohioan fornitscators could volunteer to speak out against what they feel broke down their relationships with their parents...

Hey hurrikayne here is a great question....Are you willing to do the same in Chicago?

Yes, I already do.


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