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Re: Quotes from Sue's Fecal Finger Paintings
« Reply #15 on: August 11, 2008, 01:35:21 PM »
Sue explains why TBS/RTCs are so expensive on page 114 and 115:

*Reinforced physical security around the location. All of the grounds are set up to direct and control the movements of the young people who most likely don not want to be there. Many would escape if given the chance.

*Security staffwill naturally be required to handle a population of belligerent young people who consider themselves prisoners. And because of the increased likelihood of physical or verbal confrontations with the most troubled kids, this also raises the level of training and expertise required of an effective staff member.

*Medical and psychological staff members.whether an R.T.C. requires 24/7 on-site professionals or a T.B.S. has access to highly skilled professionals, these professionals still need to get paid.

*General overhead costs, including food, lodging, program materials, maintenance of grounds, sporting facilities, laundry facilities, etc., are, of course, also funded by your tuition.

and finally Dear sue says, on page 115:

Remember: Residential therapy represents a child's last stop before landing in society's underbelly. After that, there is no place left for a troubled teen to go, except for the criminal justice system, a state hospital, or the streets.

I allow, you the eye tortured reader, the pleasure of commenting on the obvious fallacies of these utterances.
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