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Is Ross Sanner capable of being Dean of Students????

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This site has opened up an interesting question. Is Sanner qualified to be Dean of Students?? What is Sanners backround and history?

Ross is a former student; apparently the Koolaid took rather well in his case, he came back to teach.  Some question as to an assault not too long ago, but that just means his modus operandi fits in rather well with the rest of the abusers there.  I think Hyde calls it "cares about the kids with a 'passion.'"  That's about as much as I know about his qualifications.

A then current student brought up the breaking and entering/assault charges back in March of this year.  Here is the thread:

Are you saying that Ross Sanner is now Dean of Students?  Ouch.  ...Well, can't say it surprises me too much at this point.  In my time that position was occupied by a man who propositioned a few of the girls on campus and ended up raping another of them.  He is no longer with the school but returns for many a reunion.

Joseph W. Gauld:
Passionate boy, that Sanner.  I always had high hopes fer him, made sure he knew he was always welcome back!

He knows just how to take a bite out of life and throttle it!!  Courage, I tell you!!  Not like you gutless fru-fru nincompoop panty-waists here!

Also passionate,
Joseph W. Gauld, The Educator

mansion dweller:
the man is an incompetant narcacist.

Joseph W. Gauld:
Well, Jake, one of the inmates has seen fit to render his hysterical and succinct five cents.  What do you have to say to that?  Seems you have been mighty unspecific here.  As yet, we still do not know whether you claim you or your child has been manhandled by us or whether my boy Mal just cut you off on the golfing range, eh?

Joseph W. Gauld, The Almighty Educator


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