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Scheff Whitmore blog - rebuttal
« Reply #15 on: October 11, 2007, 04:05:03 PM »
Since Sue Scheff has updated, her Whitmore blog and added my name to it - I wanted to re-address another issue that Scheff wrote about me in her blog:

Sue Scheff wrote in her Whitmore Blog:
"No matter what it is/was;, all of this led to a civil case instigated by this mother."

Scheff is incorrect: The lawfirm representing the Whitmore parents in the civil case against the Sudweeks/Whitmore--HOWARD, LEWIS, & PETERSON -- was initially hired by the parents of the student who first alleged he was abused by the Sudweeks in November 2004 as reported by KLS TV in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Samanatha Hayes Reported on November 30, 2004
"A Troubled Teen Home Investigated for Abuse"
"A facility for troubled teens is under investigation tonight after strong allegations from one boy.
Carol Sisco, Child & Family Services: Our licensing office notified them we intend to revoke their license."

Scheff blog continues:
"What a mess - in the end - the most beautiful program to help families is closed, since it has to handle the legal mess this mother caused, in my opinion."

The Sudweeks did continue to have "legal problems" but I did not cause them.

Kristen Stewart's report in the Salt Lake City Tribune, "Boarding School: she stands accused of child abuse and hazing at now defunct treatment center." on June 11, 2005.
Cheryl Sudweeks was charged with 5 counts of child abuse and 2 counts of hazing against 4 Whitmore students.

Jared Eldridge, the County Attorney did not bring any charges on behalf of my daughter.
I am not privy to why the State of Utah removed the Sudweeks's license to operate Whitmore Academy. Ask them! ... 11.05.html

On September 22, 2006 Linda Thomson's report in the Deseret Morning News, "Plea deal for ex-school operator" reports Cheryl Sudweeks's plea bargain, in which she agreed to not operate a facility in Juab County "for the rest of her life."
In explaining this plea bargain, County Attorney, Jared Eldridge says: "These kids made some allegations of abuse, and I completely believed them. That's why I filed the case."

Again: I had nothing to do with this plea agreement. Why did Cheryl Sudweeks accept a plea bargain, instead of going to trial to prove the innocence she seems/wants to claim? I don't know. ASK HER!

I have no idea WHY or WHEN the Sudweeks decided to close the Whitmore Academy. Again---ASK THEM!!!

Summary: I did not initiate the civil case against the Sudweeks.
ANYONE who says I paid any parents to join this civil case is a LIAR. Anyone who says I paid any parent, or any child/student to lie about the Sudweeks is a LIAR.
My family was not a part of the criminal case against the Sudweeks. My family is not a part of the civil case against the Sudweeks/Whitmore Academy.

NOTE: I had never heard of the Sudweeks in 2001 when Mark Sudweeks was involved in his FELONY Animal Abuse case in Canada: Regina VS Sudweeks; and when the Sudweeks were evicted from Mexico for operating a school without a license.

So: hopefully Sue Scheff will not try to blame these legal problems of the Sudweeks had in these 2 countries on me, too "in her opinion.".
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