Author Topic: Research: Partying kids do better in school  (Read 729 times)

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Research: Partying kids do better in school
« on: August 22, 2008, 12:51:10 AM »
Festaber får bedre karakterer (Partyanimals get better grades), Berlingske

Researcher have follows a number of students in High school (grade 9-12) for a full year.

The researcher was surprised to discover that those students who partied in the weekend with alcohol did better in school than those who stayed in their home and studied.

But further analyze showed that the reason for this result was that while in town they did not only get drunk, but they also increased their ability to socialize and build a network. They were just so much better when working to solve group projects.

For some 25 years we have worked hard to create a society where the keyword is being innovative. We have no natural ressources and our paycheck is not so low as in Mexico or China, so we have to invent and discover new businesses.

It is done by being able to work with people and to remain critical towards any information you are given - even if it comes from your teacher or a textbook. If you accept that all things are given, you can not discover new things.

Some problems do exist when it comes to this party-culture. Some groups will be excluded due to religious belief and some will fail because they become addicted. That is just the price we have to pay. Today we have almost no unemployment. In fact we have shortage of man power.

Could our strategy be used in other cultures? Yes, but then you have to accept the price.
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