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The true power of the Seed
« on: July 16, 2003, 01:53:00 PM »
With the discussion going on in another thread, I thought maybe reposting what the Senate judiciary investigation had to say about the Seed way back when was appropriate.

"Other forms of behavior modification techniques employ intensive "encounter sessions" in which individuals are required to participate in group therapy discussions where intensive pressure is often placed on the individuals to accept the attitudes of the group... Once the individual is submissive, his personality can begin to be reformed around attitudes determined by the program director to be acceptable. Similar to the highly refined "brainwashing" techniques employed by the North Koreans in the early nineteen fifties, the method is used in the treatment of drug abusers... "The Seed", a drug abuse treatment program in Florida that, until recently, received funding from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, is based on a similar philosophy."
INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND THE FEDERAL ROLE IN BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION by the COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY, UNITED STATES SENATE, Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights, November, 1974, pp. 15 - 16 describing The Seed.

The power of the Seed wasn't found in "love" , "getting straight", or even in those silly stupid 7 steps, but instead was in a sinister brainwashing technique based on a cultic model. Don't Believe me? then believe the senate judiciary committee. And guess what people, your parents knew. Thats right... It was headlines blazened across newspapers in every town where the seed operated. Even conservative newspapers that initially supported the seed (like the now defunct St Pete independent) eventually got it and started hard reporting on what was occuring there. Art's ego couldn't take it and he started pulling in ranks and shrunk his cult up to a hard core group and stopped "treating" juveniles.

It wasn't the first nor the last time this model had been used, and Art Barker did not invent it, no matter what he told you. He only tweaked it and applied it to children.

Whether or not one person witnessed "violence" in the Seed really in my opinion misses the big picture, that it is grave violation of decency and basic human rights and just flat out wrong to lock a youngster up, restrict his/her movements, control his/her thoughts and bodily functions, and subject him/her to cultic brainwashing techniques all under the threat of jail or "court order". At least if you join other cults like Hari Krisna, moonies or scientology(using similar techniques), you usually do it  voluntarily and against your family wishes . The Seed did just the opposite, forced you to join their silly little cult and got your family to be against you.

It was a sick twisted idea that unfortunately was copied and resulted in what you see here, a forum where hundreds of people years and years later are still working thru problems that originated in their childhood in their respective Seed copycat program. Art Barker should be ashamed of what he started.

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The true power of the Seed
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Anyone remember the little house with the big metal peace sign in '71?
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Re: The true power of the Seed
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